Trudeau’s Vaccine Procurement Failure May Be The Most Costly Mistake In Canadian History

In terms of lives lost and economic damage sustained, the incompetence of the Trudeau Liberal government may end up being unmatched.

The Liberals are trying to downplay the emerging truth that Canada has massively dropped the ball on our ability to get vaccines for the COVID-19 China Virus.

After boasting of how many deals they had for vaccines, it has been learned that the Liberal government failed to sign any agreements to actually produce the vaccine in Canada, and have no plan to distribute it.

Those are things other countries have done, and as a result, those countries – representing up to 2.8 billion people – will get vaccines first.

In the US, UK, Germany, India, Mexico, and more, vaccines will start being rolled out as soon as December, with many countries aiming to have their populations fully vaccinated (or at least a high enough percentage for herd immunity), by spring.

Here in Canada, Justin Trudeau is now saying we may not have Canadians fully vaccinated until September of 2021.

Further, during a call with the Premiers, he apparently couldn’t tell them when we would have a vaccine in this country, and the federal government is desperately trying to spin away the fact that we are being left behind almost every comparable nation.

In short, this may end up being the biggest mistake in Canadian history.

Consider the consequences.

Much of the world will be fully out of the crisis before Canada, and their economies will boom.

Thousands of people who would have otherwise died, will end up living in those countries, while the mental health damage of the crisis will begin to fade away.

Meanwhile, here in Canada, we will be watching this happen around the world, as we likely remain in destructive lockdowns, watch care homes continue to turn into houses of death, and see continue economic damage.

The cost could be thousands of lives, and tens of billions of dollars.

Can you think of a mistake by a Canadian government – one decision, one failure – that was so costly?

For years, people have been saying that Justin Trudeau simply doesn’t have what it takes.

And now, in the midst of a crisis, we see that he is failing this country at the worst possible time.

The race for a vaccine required a certain ruthlessness, a certain competitiveness, and yes, a certain amount of nationalism, to ensure the interests of our nation were put first. Empty words and nice talk of global unity all go out the window when countries are racing to procure vaccines.

Trudeau simply couldn’t deal with that environment, and as a result, Canadians may end up paying a brutal price for his incompetence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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why would be want a vaccine in any case? Whatever is chosen, how do we know how safe it is? Have all the testing protocols been followed? What are the ingredients in the vaccine?


Would you actually expect anything more from the worlds biggest CLOWN? C’mon man!!!


Relax. 99.9% of those who test positive for this virus will survive. Look after the elderly and those with chronic ailments.


Attempting to control world climate and manipulate our Charter of Rights and Freedoms while at the same time putting massive feel good restrictions on the energy and resource industry added to the WE scandal and numerous ethics violations, is more than the Soy Boy c an handle.

We are even told the Senior Civil Servants keep critical information from the MP’s, likely because they think the MP’s will screw things up. Canada’s version of the American Deep State.


Truth is, we’re the last people he cares about.


Did everyone hear the leader of the UN’s, (Gutterus?) along with the UN’s WHO’s announcement today? “They are going to look after all the countries of the world in this “pandemic” as we must all work together to save millions of lives”. The UN’s Trudeau and gang of puppets are waiting for them to look after us as we know they cannot unless the UN tells them what to do.


Good, let the other countries be the Guinea pig.

Arie Intveld

Trudeau Jr. himself is the most costly mistake in Canadian history.