Trudeau Said The Government Didn’t Fight Omar Khadr In Court Due To Potential Cost. So Why Have They Spent $43 Million In Legal Fees Fighting Canadian Veterans?

The hypocrisy is sickening.

When the Trudeau Liberals decided to give $10.5 million of your taxpayer dollars to Omar Khadr, Justin Trudeau said it was about saving Canadians the cost of continuing the fight in court. He claimed that continuing the fight – rather than paying Khadr – could have resulted in Khadr getting even more.

However, as noted by Canadian Veteran Brock Blaszczyk, the Trudeau Liberals have spent $43 million in legal fees in their ongoing fight against Canadian Veterans in court:

“43 million to lawyers and court fees to fight Canadian Veterans in court! 10.5 million gifted to an Al-Queda thug that fought Canadian Veterans in Afghanistan and @JustinTrudeau and his team didn’t even stepping into a courtroom. Review the town hall notice one of his reasons why”

As noted by Blaszczyk, Trudeau claimed that continuing to fight Khadr in court could have cost $30-40 million:

It’s interesting that Trudeau claimed that number, because, as Conservative MP John Brassard pointed out, the Liberals have spent over $40 million in legal fees fighting Canadian Veterans in court:

“I ask Justin Trudeau why he is fighting Veterans in Court for the benefits and compensation they have earned when he said he wouldn’t. He doesn’t answer!”

Sickening hypocrisy

The gross thing here is the lack of consistency, and the direction the Liberals chose to benefit. They wouldn’t fight Khadr, but they will fight Veterans.

That is the total opposite of how it should be.

Under the Liberals, those who defend and uphold Canadian values & Canadian freedom are punished, while those who oppose everything we believe in get rewarded at our expense.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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That 43 million, plus the 10.5 (and wasn’t there two more against Canada fighting us that got paid too) this money plus should have been paid to real “Canadian Vets”, how deranged has our country become, why did any real Canadians vote for these traitors, this kleptocracy globalist government with their bought out media, they are stupidly fooled.

Garlet Farlett

The answer is simple. He hates Canadians.

Rock J Dueck

Clearly terrorists are more important and valuable to Skippie Trudeau than those that have and stand ready to defend our country. As usual, he was wrong.

very old white guy

I know why and you probably know why but it is freaking unmentionable . Canada is populated by dummies therefore the truth is impossible to speak. Sure am glad I don’t have a lot of time left to ponder the insanity and stupidity.

chris malmstrom

Go ahead and say it…the LIEbrals open the immigration flood gates for a reason…and I’ve heard it from someone that worked at the immigration department…when immigrants enter, they are told that the Liberals let them in and they can just as easily be deported if they fail to vote Liberal for life!

kal commodore

Bang on, excellent piece. Thank you.

Guy-Paul Roy

The Turd in the Punch Bowl truly believed the Military fought on the wrong side. Why are we down the list of an American Vaccine?? Omar and The Turd in the Punch Bowl. The list is just too long to bring up.

David Molloy

If you try to reason how liberals think you will find its a code known only to buffoons.Not in our galaxy you say!

Major Tom

DND kindly mailed me their Veterans Card! Yet Veterans Affairs have bounced my claim around for many months and are now unreachable…providing phone numbers that don’t assist………….I guess I served on the wrong side……

Gary Pawson

Our great unethical PM wasn’t under oath was he? Those ‘people’ (sic) in Ottawa, send our very best youngsters, to some of the most dangerous places on earth representing Canada. So THEY (those political jackals) can boast about what “WE” do. Then, God Forbid, if any get hurt, destroyed in mind or spirit & or maimed, our great unethical immoral Liberal Gang, led by this con man, treat them as if it’s their own fault for, damn, I don’t know, just getting wounded, or maybe coming home that way @ all! After all, wasn’t it some other rotten Liberal Gov’t… Read more »

donna Scott

This is why you lost me Mr. Trudeau.


What do you mean lost???? Canadians gave 4 more years to this moron.

donna Scott

I can cry a river because of what you did.




The Trudeau government is a disgrace and huge disappointment to Canadians.

Mark Gallicano

hypocrisy is sickening isn’t it