Trudeau Said The Government Didn’t Fight Omar Khadr In Court Due To Potential Cost. So Why Have They Spent $43 Million In Legal Fees Fighting Canadian Veterans?

The hypocrisy is sickening.

When the Trudeau Liberals decided to give $10.5 million of your taxpayer dollars to Omar Khadr, Justin Trudeau said it was about saving Canadians the cost of continuing the fight in court. He claimed that continuing the fight – rather than paying Khadr – could have resulted in Khadr getting even more.

However, as noted by Canadian Veteran Brock Blaszczyk, the Trudeau Liberals have spent $43 million in legal fees in their ongoing fight against Canadian Veterans in court:

“43 million to lawyers and court fees to fight Canadian Veterans in court! 10.5 million gifted to an Al-Queda thug that fought Canadian Veterans in Afghanistan and @JustinTrudeau and his team didn’t even stepping into a courtroom. Review the town hall notice one of his reasons why”

As noted by Blaszczyk, Trudeau claimed that continuing to fight Khadr in court could have cost $30-40 million:

It’s interesting that Trudeau claimed that number, because, as Conservative MP John Brassard pointed out, the Liberals have spent over $40 million in legal fees fighting Canadian Veterans in court:

“I ask Justin Trudeau why he is fighting Veterans in Court for the benefits and compensation they have earned when he said he wouldn’t. He doesn’t answer!”

Sickening hypocrisy

The gross thing here is the lack of consistency, and the direction the Liberals chose to benefit. They wouldn’t fight Khadr, but they will fight Veterans.

That is the total opposite of how it should be.

Under the Liberals, those who defend and uphold Canadian values & Canadian freedom are punished, while those who oppose everything we believe in get rewarded at our expense.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter