Debt Disaster: This Chart Shows How Canada’s Stunning Debt Surge Outpaces Comparable Nations

Truly appalling.

Charts are usually boring.

But once in a while, they speak volumes, and sum up a situation in a way endless words never could.

And the chart below does exactly that:

Amid this “unprecedented” surge in debt, look at who ‘leads’ the pack.

Canada has witnessed a truly astounding increase in debt, with our government debt, household debt, and corporate debt all skyrocketing way above other comparable countries.

We were all hit with the same virus from China, and many comparable nations have lower death totals, lower unemployment, and did all of that with far lower spending.

Meanwhile, Canadians were already deeply indebted, and it’s clearly getting worse.

This shows why the criticism of the Trudeau Liberal government is accurate. They really have spent more than almost anywhere else, while failing to get the same results.

And, as I’ve noted before, even amid all of this, they keep doubling down on their virtue-signalling ‘green agenda,’ meaning our crippled economy will be further damaged by stagnation and skyrocketing debt levels.

Share this chart far and wide so people get the true picture of the situation our nation is in.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Moe S.

Federal & Provincial governments, when they strip grown men & women of the ability to provide, protect, and defend their families is a clear indication gov’t does not have our best interest at heart. “Look at this chart.” This is the government who won’t let you run your business, yet is still collecting taxes from you, while denying you services your taxes pay for. Taxes and more taxes to fill the Trudeau gov’t coffers!!! This is how revolutions start.


No wonder they do not want a budget out. This was only until March 2020 so it will be even worse now, so they must not really want an election right now so they can all hide their take.
Has anyone read the reports on how much this Trudeau/Soros infrastructure bank is costing us, and they will not tell us anything about what it has done? Nope still a big secret and very mixed up info. .

Eric Blair

With Trudeau abilities with technical thingies, you know details like graphs and charts, he most likely thinks Canada is doing the best in the world. No wonder his previous Finance Minister and his number 1 quit their jobs and got out real quick.

Arie Intveld

Welcome to slavery. Canadians are now debt slaves to the federal government. Ask the federal government where all this money is going and the response is “None of your business”. The reality is that we have SFA to show for Trudeau’s “a-billion-dollars-per-day” spending addiction.



Jack O

There is one demographic that includes me that nothing is ever mentioned about. I wonder how they are to be treated. Those who are currently debt free. We sacrificed to make good our debts and now must suffer a debt jubilee along with all debtors created by the bankers who had better remember old age and deceit will overcome youthful exuberance every time. We old timers can teach you how to scuff up those white shoes of the zookeepers of Basel. And Pensioners will do it ourselves if they break the social contract that is the Canadian Pension Plan. But… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Trudeau, would have all of us believe that more regulations, restrictions, borrowing, spending and higher taxes, without jobs or a strong economy, will produce a prosperous Canada. The level of debt Canada has acquired is the result of governing by ideology and by rejecting sound common sense financial and economic policies, which in the past brought all Canadians a very high level of prosperity. Trudeau’s failures, are staggering, when compared to past governments and made even more so, when compared to other nations who have achieved far better results using far less money. Trudeau and his corrupt government have to… Read more »

Garlet Farlett

Where is all this money going????


Canadians don’t want to know about this truth. They prefer to be kept in the dark. It makes them feel safe. Actual truth is too discomforting. They think if they just ignore the bitter reality all the evil things done by the Turdeau/Soros/UN Gang will just disappear and everything will go back to normal like it used to be. The Soviet Canucks are yellow, Left-Wing cowards living in the past. They are truly pitiful!!!!!


Maybe it’s time to start keeping our savings in a sock, under the mattress, like the old days.