CLOWN SHOW: Amid China Troop Scandal, Liberal Harjit Sajjan Tries Blaming Harper, Despite Invite Happening Under Trudeau Government

Really bruh?

Liberal Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan took responsibility today for the escalating China troop scandal…


Of course he didn’t.

We didn’t believe for a second that the Liberals would acknowledge how horrendous it is for Justin Trudeau to have opposed the Canadian military when the military was against letting Chinese troops onto Canadian soil to learn winter warfare tactics.

Instead, Sajjan did what the Liberals always do:

Blamed Stephen Harper.

As noted by Ezra Levant, it was in fact the Canadian Army – under the control of the Defence Ministry that Sajjan leads – obviously acting on orders from Trudeau – who invited Chinese troops into Canada:

The Canadian Army couldn’t invite Chinese soldiers onto Canadian soil without Sajjan’s approval.

And Sajjan couldn’t approve that without Justin Trudeau signing off on it.

So, for Sajjan to blame Harper is another absolutely pathetic dodge.

It’s what people with no leadership skills do: Blame others for their own failings and always fail to take responsibility.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter