CLOWN SHOW: Amid China Troop Scandal, Liberal Harjit Sajjan Tries Blaming Harper, Despite Invite Happening Under Trudeau Government

Really bruh?

Liberal Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan took responsibility today for the escalating China troop scandal…


Of course he didn’t.

We didn’t believe for a second that the Liberals would acknowledge how horrendous it is for Justin Trudeau to have opposed the Canadian military when the military was against letting Chinese troops onto Canadian soil to learn winter warfare tactics.

Instead, Sajjan did what the Liberals always do:

Blamed Stephen Harper.

As noted by Ezra Levant, it was in fact the Canadian Army – under the control of the Defence Ministry that Sajjan leads – obviously acting on orders from Trudeau – who invited Chinese troops into Canada:

The Canadian Army couldn’t invite Chinese soldiers onto Canadian soil without Sajjan’s approval.

And Sajjan couldn’t approve that without Justin Trudeau signing off on it.

So, for Sajjan to blame Harper is another absolutely pathetic dodge.

It’s what people with no leadership skills do: Blame others for their own failings and always fail to take responsibility.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Well with almost no media coverage for the Conservatives, the only PM Conservative that was so wrongly demonized that Canadians only know of Mr. Harper, many Canadians do not even know or care to know of the unheard from Mr. O’Toole, who desperately needs to get really good information about him and his party out there, all we hear about is defensive and protection actions by Mr. Poilievre, thank you Pierre, and Mr. O’Toole in Quebec again, has anyone heard from him in the west? (along with Doug Ford in Quebec again, being told what to do next?). Did Mr.… Read more »


Narcissists always blame others. It is NEVER their fault.

Major Tom

What? You mean…the MND didn’t blame Bush?

Jonathan Rogers

This particular stupidity is made worse by the fact that China has plenty of winter weather within its own borders to allow for such training. Makes a person wonder what other reasons the CCP military wants to be present on Canadian soil with our military???!!!

Shawn Harris

Traitors are as traitors do. That’s our Trudeau Liberal/communist government in action.

Guy-Paul Roy

Now, Which one of you crapped my pants?

Sharon Warren

The Lib mantra “We will ALWAYS stand up for Canadians” . What a Bag of Lies!!! I & thousands of other Canadians are SO sick of hearing this deceitful incompetency… there are no words to express my feelings of rage when any one of the the Lib Gang stands up in the House to spout their arrogant BS thinking anyone is buying it. Can’t imagine how our uniformed military members felt when ordered to work in that environment when the Michaels & others remain incarcerated in China. This is beyond the pale. Kudos to the Rebel, Spencer & other truth-reporting… Read more »


Liberals have no shame. It just makes me puke looking at their faces.
How was it possible that Canadians have given these crooked weasels 4 more years in power? Have we become that stupid?

Turdo should be kicked out.


It’s simple. The great reset. I’ll be censored again for sayi ng the “C” word. Did the spe ling on pur pose


Clowns for sure….but traitors to Canada seems to be a more appropriate word for this crap..

Sanford Thompson

To be fair Mr. Spencer, Harper signed the deal that allowed Chinese troops on the ground. The libs are shiet but O’tools plan to build back stronger is the same UN pig in a blue jersey. Alberta independence, I hope, is the only peaceful way out.

Albert O’Connell

Liberal government is best at blaming others for their incompetence. Trudeau, when he gets caught, answers in a way that takes the blame away from him and implicates everybody else. “We all will…