Ontario Lockdown Will Shutter More Local Businesses, While Allowing Big Box Stores To Remain Open Yet Again

The big box stores are disproportionately owned by large global corporations, while small locally-owned businesses get shut down.

Ontario is already in a lockdown.

But apparently, it’s not enough of a lockdown according to those in charge.

So they’re adding to the lockdown, making it even stricter.

Notice how when cases go down, it’s spun as ‘because of lockdowns’, but when cases go up, it’s because the current lockdowns aren’t ‘tough enough.’

Now, this new lockdown – which was apparently going to take effect on Christmas Eve until that generate a backlash, will now go into force on December 26th, boxing day.

And it just so happens that the new lockdown – which shutters all non-essential businesses across the province, and broadens the category of businesses deemed ‘non-essential,’ will spare big box stores.

What this means is that thousands of shoppers will stream into big box stores on a huge shopping day, while small business are blocked from taking part.

Have to protect those massive corporate profits, right?

Also, you may have heard that there have been over 400 cases at Amazon fulfillment centres in Ontario:

“There are hundreds of virus cases at Amazon warehouses in Ontario, but that global mega corporation has of course not been locked down by the politicians. Only your local store is being ruined. But they’re ‘following the science,’ right?”


Now, I’m not saying Amazon should be locked down either, but it is disgusting that the rules don’t apply equally.

If Amazon isn’t being locked down by the Ontario government, then local businesses sure as hell shouldn’t be locked down either.

This continues to get more and more absurd, as politicians are destroying local communities while global mega corps become are getting richer than ever.

Any politician supporting this should be ashamed of themselves, and should resign in disgrace at the hypocrisy they’re showing and the damage they are doing while serving big corporations instead of their actual constituents.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube