Conservative MP Ron Liepert Flew To California Recently

He’s the former health minister of Alberta, and says he had to do ‘essential house maintenance’ on his home in Palm Desert, California. Sure bro.

The rest of us may have to be threatened against seeing our families, opening our businesses, or travelling for ‘non-essential’ purposes.

But for politicians, it’s a different story.

Especially if you’re a politician who happens to own a home in California.

That’s the case for Conservative MP Ron Liepert, who represents the riding of Calgary-Signal Hill.

Liepert travelled to California during the current Parliamentary recess, which began December 16, though the last sitting day was December 11.

That means Liepert has been spending his Christmas break by vacationing in California, at a time when both the Alberta government and the federal government have advised against ‘non-essential travel.’

Apparently, Liepert thinks his trip was ‘essential,’ since he had to make ‘repairs’ on his California home.

Yeah, sure bro.

So, let’s think about this:

Visiting your family, keeping your business open, and gathering with others is ‘non-essential,’ but hopping on a plane, flying to California, to make ‘repairs’ on a house in a country other than the one you serve in Parliament, that’s essential?

No, it’s total BS.

Liepert is like the other entitled politicians who have travelled during this time. They feel exempt from the rules, and are happy to fly around the world while the rest of us face government threats.

It remains to be seen if Erin O’Toole will take any action against Liepert, or whether he will condone this entitled hypocrisy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Gerri Page

Who cares about his house. Lockdown means just that and he and all the others who flew out of Canada should fired and charged. So now if some people want to visit outside of Canada they should be able to because of those ignorant jerks and will use that as a reason.


He needs to resign now, so he can continue to repair his home in California. and by the way I thought California was in a complete lockdown


Where’s Trudeau?

Rock J Dueck

The name of the party means nothing, The bottom line is clearly we, the general ordinary citizens, versus they, the elite politicians. The rules for us are not applicable to them. This will only fuel the slide into anarchy.


Where is Erin O’Toole? Maybe, is he is off traveling too? Really hard to find out what he has been doing, of the few things about him, or better if he would communicate directly with Canadians, he won’t talk to us, but info on him is all weeks and months old? Is he still in “the sovereign nation within our nation” (his words) that is the last info I heard about, is he out west to figure out how he will put his own carbon tax system on things, since he is all in for the globalist CCP’s UN’s, Paris… Read more »


Leaping Liepert; I know him. He’s the Red Tory who had his Leftist political machine cheat REAL CONSERVATIVE Rob Anders out of his seat in the Calgary West riding, in the 2015 Federal Election election. Here is Mr. Liepert showing his true, Leftist tendencies. How unusual (not).