WATCH: Manitoba’s Top Public Health Officer Says “Public Health Orders Don’t Apply To Any Levels Of Government”

At least he finally admitted what has been clear throughout: Those in power expect us to follow rules that don’t apply to them.

While Canadians can face arrest, fines, and social shaming for violating public health orders, politicians always get to apologize and then just move on without punishment.

And now, we know that is entirely by design.

In a recent press conference, Manitoba’s top public health official Dr. Brent Roussin said it straight up:

“Our public health orders don’t apply to any levels of government. So they don’t apply to federal provincial, or municipal governments.”

The criticism here shouldn’t be with Roussin, it should be with the politicians who really put this stuff into place.

They exempted themselves, while threatening the rest of us.

It’s the ultimate in arrogant elitism, “rules for thee, but not for me.”

And it’s why politicians have no credibility and no right to call for restrictions on the rest of us. In a truly free country, government imposed lockdowns shouldn’t even be allowed, and those in power continue to show they cannot be trusted with authority.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Then it doesnt apply to us,then…

very old white guy

About we start a new rule , they do as we do or we don’t do it.

james isnor

Interesting. Public Health Orders do not apply to Public Health Officials paid by the Public


Wow! Just WOW!

Phil Giesbrecht

Since us ‘peons’, are the lowest form of ‘government’ Does that mean that we are ALL exempt from all directives from so called ‘public health directives? ? ?


At least he’s upfront and honest about it, instead of pretending “we’re all in this together.”

Communism at its finest

Carol Nadon

For anyone disbelieving we are on the road to communism, this is a bout the biggest tip you are going to get.