WATCH: Pierre Poilievre Warns Canada Checks All 5 Boxes For “A Forthcoming Debt Crisis”

Not many 20-minute speeches in Parliament are really worth watching, but this is a big exception. Canadians need to see this.

Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre has delivered a must-see speech in the House of Commons.

In the speech, Pierre Poilievre warns that Canada checks all five boxes for a forthcoming debt crisis.

Poilievre goes step by step through every warning sign, explaining how Canada meets all the criteria that has been seen in nations that are about to experience a devastating debt crisis.

I encourage you to watch the video and share it widely. This is beyond politics, this about whether Canada will acknowledge reality and get our finances in order as the COVID-19 crisis recedes, or whether we will double-down on massive spending, money printing, and magical thinking that will end in disaster.

“In their study of 800 years of debt crises, Harvard profs Rogoff & Reinhart identify 5 predictors of them:

1. “Slowing output”
2. “Asset price inflation”
3. “Sustained debt build-ups”
4. “Rising household leverage”
5. “Large current account deficits”

Canada checks all 5 boxes.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Kristie Miller

Maybe you Canadians can do what us Americans could not do. VOTE THE A#$% HOLES OUT. GOOD LUCK!

Richard Courtemanche

Good luck indeed! We may have too many leftist A#$% HOLES voters supporting him.

Brandt Skriver

Thanks Spencer. You are a great Journalist. Not too many of you left..

Richard Schritt

And the left fiddled.

Richard Courtemanche

The Trudeau gang may be relying on The Great Reset to steal all our assets when all debts get annulled for the new economy and we become its slaves.