WATCH: Poilievre Slams Trudeau As Worst Performer Among G7 Leaders

Conservative finance critic points out how Canada has a higher unemployment rate than most of our peer nations, with debt surging.

With Canada falling further and further behind in vaccinations, Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre is pointing out that Canada is also falling behind economically.

With debt surging at all levels, Canada’s economic performance is lagging many of our peer nations, with our unemployment rate higher than most G7 countries and even higher than the European Union average.

While the Liberal government has said this is due to the COVID crisis, the fact is that every country is going through that crisis, so Canada is doing worse even on top of that.

It seems there is a clear pattern in how things are ‘managed’ by the Trudeau Liberal government: Spend more, get less.

You can watch Poilievre & Trudeau face off below:

Spencer Fernando
Photo – YouTube


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