“Canadians Won’t Get Jobs Until Trudeau Loses His”: Watch Pierre Poilievre’s Press Conference Following Devastating Jobs Report

Job creation in the US and much of the world is surging, while Canada goes in the opposite direction.

Canada’s economic numbers continue to come show that our country is in an increasingly weakened situation compared to peer nations.

While the US is creating jobs, and much of the G7 and European Union is experiencing job growth as well, Canada received a devastating jobs report, with 213,000 jobs lost in January.

That would be like the US losing over 2 million jobs in just a month.

This is also connected to the debacle of a vaccine rollout in Canada, with our pace falling behind most other rich countries, which will make an economic recovery even more difficult.

In a press conference, Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre lit into the Trudeau economic record.

You can watch his remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube