Democracy Watch Seeking Update From RCMP On Investigation Into Trudeau Cabinet On Alleged SNC-Lavalin Investigation Obstruction

“… the public has a right to an update on the RCMP’s investigation, and any decisions that have been made concerning prosecuting anyone involved in the situation.”

Democracy Watch – an independent watchdog group devoted to government accountability and transparency – has released the letter they sent to the RCMP & Crown prosecutors.

In the letter, Democracy Watch is pushing for an update on where the investigation into alleged obstruction of justice by Justin Trudeau and some cabinet members, currently stands.

“Given the evidence, and that two years have passed since the situation was made public, and 18 months since the Ethics Commissioner’s ruling revealed many of the facts concerning Prime Minister Trudeau and other government officials pressuring the Attorney General, the public has a right to an update on the RCMP’s investigation, and any decisions that have been made concerning prosecuting anyone involved in the situation,” said Duff Conacher, Co-founder of Democracy Watch and Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.

“Are the RCMP and prosecutors waiting for another election to pass, or doing what so often happens in Canada when powerful politicians and government officials are involved in alleged illegal activities – delaying with the hope that they can eventually bury the results of the investigation?” said Conacher.

They listed reasons why the silence from the RCMP is out of step with past practice:

“Other reasons set out in the letter why the RCMP’s silence on the situation since August 2019 is unacceptable, include:

  1. Obstruction of justice is a serious criminal offence.

  2. Obstruction of justice is even more serious when committed behind closed doors by government politicians and officials, as it is then also an act of government corruption.

  3. As summarized in the letter, all of the elements needed to prove obstruction of justice (subsection 139(2) of the Criminal Code) are present in the actions of the Prime Minister and others as they pressured the Attorney General multiple times to stop the prosecution.

  4. Concerning intent, federal Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion concluded in 284 of his August 2019 ruling that “Mr. Trudeau knowingly sought to influence Ms. Wilson-Raybould both directly and through the actions of his agents.”

  5. Many legal and political experts dispute the claim by the Clerk of the Privy Council, and Prime Minister Trudeau, that it is proper for Cabinet to refuse to waive Cabinet confidence and prohibit the RCMP (and the Ethics Commissioner) from seeing all documents and records concerning the actions of the Prime Minister and the other government officials in this situation, and prohibit all government witnesses to provide full testimony, as can be seen in a September 13, 2019 Globe article.

  6. Prosecutors in Canada have, in recent years, usually provided public explanations of investigation and prosecution decisions in such cases (for example, B.C. special prosecutors in several recent cases, and the Commissioner of Canada Elections concerning the robocalls situation).”

It is very important for Canadians to know what is going on here.

We cannot have a two-tiered system of justice, and the longer Canadians go without an update the more it seems the system is protecting those at the top.

You can read the full Democracy Watch letter here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube