Trudeau Cabinet Abstention From Vote On China’s Genocide Of The Uyghurs Is A Shameful Moment In Canadian History

A government that loved to talk about how ‘progressive’ they are failed to translate their lofty words into tangible action.

There has been much praise, and deservedly so, for the MPs who voted in favour of the Conservative motion to declare China’s actions against the Uyghur’s as a genocide.

That praise has extended to the many Liberal MPs who voted for it, in the face of what was likely pressure from the PMO for them to abstain or push back.

Rather than go along with Trudeau’s continuing disturbing refusal to show courage on China, those MPs chose to be on the right side of history.

By contrast, Trudeau and the Liberal cabinet, representing the executive arm of the Canadian government, have undertaken an historically shameful display of cowardice.

They neither had the guts to say they oppose the motion, nor to vote for it.

Instead, they sent out Marc Garneau to abstain ‘on behalf of the government,’ even though Members votes can only represent their own role as a constituent representative, not other MPs.

Basically, they used Garneau as the face of that cowardly move.

History doesn’t look kindly on those who chose to look the other way when ruthless regimes commit genocide.

Finding clever ‘legalistic’ evasions is never looked upon as consistent with values and respect for human dignity.

Thankfully, the message sent by the House of Commons is even stronger than the shameful message sent by the Trudeau cabinet.

Today, we saw MPs of all stripes demonstrate that there is such a thing as unifying Canadian values, and even the cowardly approach of Trudeau can’t take away from that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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That’s our crime minister. Courageous all the way!

Greig Marshall

So, Rather than admit they are a “Totaliran” Gov. they just obtained from voting, which in effect says the same thing. Except if they had voted they would have undeniably exposed what their true agenda is!
Those that have the ability to read between the lines already know that the Trudeau government is a “Tolarian” Gov. and nothing but!
This, Trudeau Gov. will NEVER apply and put into effect what Canadians truly want!

Bill Boskwick

History will be the ultimate judge as to which Trudeau did the people of Canada the greatest disservice and most hurt. It is unbelievable what Canadians witnessed this day in parliament where Justin Trudeau AND his so-called cabinet sat on their hands and turned their collective backs toward our country in favor of political and self-serving motives. They collectively are a scourge on Canadian history and an insult to us all.


What a gang of hypocrites! Shame on those Liberals who did not have the guts to vote on this motion. They do not deserve to be the government!