VIDEO: Liberal Government Slammed For Victim Blaming After Woman Is Assaulted In Federally-Run Forced Quarantine Facility

We continue to see how government officials are losing their sense of justice and decency as they accrue more and more power.

In a week in which the Liberal government abandoned all pretense to being feminists or opposing Islamophobia, they appear to be doubling-down on a betrayal of all they claimed to stand for.

Amid growing reports of women being sexually assaulted in federally-run forced quarantine facilities, the response from Patty Hajdu and Chrystia Freeland was shockingly tone-deaf, lacking compassion, and veering toward victim blaming.

In Question Period, Conservative health critic Michelle Rempel-Garner slammed the Liberals:

“Today @cafreeland said “people shouldn’t travel” when pushed on reports of sexual assault at a federal quarantine facility. I asked @PattyHajdu if this meant the victim deserved it. She disgustingly said, “Every woman deserves to live a life free of violence, BUT…” Watch.”

To put it mildly, the remarks from Patty Hajdu and Chrystia Freeland are disgraceful, and show how far the Liberal government has fallen from their past claims of supporting women.

It is also notable that much of the lack of compassion, both on the quarantine hotels and the Uyghurs, is coming from the Liberal cabinet, not backbench Liberal MPs.

This could be in part because the cabinet has been accruing more and more power during the pandemic, and that power has a tendency to warp the minds of those who possess it. By contrast, backbench MPs have not seen an increase in power.

Further, we are seeing how many politicians have disturbingly authoritarian instincts, even as they hide behind a veneer of being democratically-minded.

Spencer Fernando

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