SURVEY: Majority Say Trudeau Government Doing A Bad Job On Vaccine Delivery

While the government touts upcoming shipments, Canada remains far behind most of our peers.

The Trudeau government is touting increased upcoming vaccine deliveries, in an attempt to claim that Canada’s vaccine procurement is ‘back on track.’

However, the government doesn’t have a time machine, which means the ground we lost while other countries were ramping up vaccine procurement cannot be regained.

And now, a new survey shows a majority of Canadians giving the Trudeau government poor marks when it comes to vaccine delivery to the provinces.

According to the Maru Public Opinion survey, 57% say the Trudeau government ‘has done a bad job in delivering vaccines to their province.’

In early January, just 43% of Canadians said the same, showing how negative perceptions have increased.

Notably, 60% say their ‘provincial government has done a good job in rolling out vaccinations,’ showing Canadians are differentiating between the lack of vaccines procured by the federal government, and provinces doing their best to utilize their limited supply.

You can read key findings of the poll here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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