Time For Canada To Move On From The Royal Family

While the Queen is respected by many Canadians, when she passes away it will be time for Canada to move beyond the monarchy.

For some time, the royal family has been struggling.

As their direct political power eroded, they have seemed more and more like a reality TV show – that is quite expensive to taxpayers – with internal intrigue and disputes drawing most of the attention.

Prince Charles has also become more overtly political, turning off many people by becoming a more divisive figure than is expected from figureheads.

But that is the least of their problems, with the allegations against Prince Andrew and his connections to Jeffrey Epstein – combined with his disastrous interview – leading to many businesses breaking their ties to him, and caused his withdrawal from public life.

Now, the latest blow the royal family is the interview Oprah held with Harry and Meghan.

While I’m not a fan of any of this reality show intrigue – and was against Canadian taxpayers paying for security for members of the royal family – the royal family looks quite absurd in how they have seemingly rallied around Andrew while being unwilling to put the same effort into defending Harry and Meghan.

Further, the idea that Meghan supposedly criticizing her staff is a problem worthy of leaks to the press, but the horrendous allegations against Andrew shouldn’t result in any punishment or stripping of his titles is crazy.

At this point, a royal family mired in scandal, division, and some pretty horrible allegations of racism and abuse, has no business holding any power over Canada, whether symbolic or not.

For example, Andrew is currently a commander in the Canadian armed forces, and technically holds a position of command over Canadian troops.

That should be brought to an end immediately.

And it’s time for Canada to become a fully independent nation, with a head of state that is chosen by Canadians, rather than imposed without anyone having a vote.

When the current Queen – who is well-respected even by many critics of the monarchy – passes away, Canada should allow the monarchy to pass on as well, and take full command of our own destiny as a nation looking to the future.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube