VIDEO: Trudeau Says He’ll Stand Up For “American Jobs”

Well, that sure explains his carbon tax policy.

One thing the Trudeau government has struggled to understand – or simply ignored – is that like investment, jobs can simply shift to other jurisdictions.

That means policies like the carbon tax, rather than reducing emissions around the world, will simply redistribute jobs and investment out of Canada to other places.

And since the worlds largest economy is right next door, and since that economy doesn’t have a carbon tax, jobs and investment will move to the US.

We’ve seen that happening for years, with US GDP growth and job growth consistently exceeding Canada.

So, Trudeau’s recent slip of the tongue in Question Period perhaps revealed more truth than he would prefer acknowledging:


While Trudeau certainly meant to say ‘Canadian jobs,’ and while those mistakes can happen to any of us, he did accidently say something true.

A result of his policies has been to create more jobs in the US, and push investment out of Canada and into the US, and that won’t change unless policies change to strengthen the role of the private sector and get government out of the way.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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