Oh Noes Poor Little Baby: Liberal MP Whines About Being Blocked On Twitter

How will he ever make it through this difficult time? Canadians must stand in solidarity with Mark Gerretsen to ensure he has the support he needs to get through this horribly traumatic event.

Liberal MP Mark Gerretsen is focused on the big issues facing Canada.

Like the endless lockdowns, economic damage, health crisis, housing bubble, and surging debt.

Haha, nope.

He’s actually focused on whining about being blocked on Twitter:

“Shameful, child like Liberal MP behaviour! Of ALL the issues Canada is facing, this MP is complaining because a Conservative MP blocked him on Twitter! Yes folks…. blocked him on Twitter! Can’t make this Sh*t up!”

Now, when a private citizen criticizes politicians for blocking them, that is quite legitimate, especially if the blocking is simply because someone disagreed, rather than the abuse that is sometimes directed at public figures.

But Gerretsen is an MP, and has a platform to actually try and deal with real problems.

For him to use his time in the House to complain about being blocked is whiny and pathetic.

It’s no wonder that so little is actually accomplished when government MPs are so severely damaged by the immense pain of being blocked by someone on Twitter.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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