Liberal Hypocrites Posture As ‘Anti-Hate’ While Recruiting Divisive Figures For Political Gain

Many have been fooled by empty words and virtue-signalling, and are thus unable to see the reality in front of them.

With their move to recruit former Green Party MP Jenica Atwin, the Liberals are once again making a mockery of their professed ideals.

Of course, this has long been the case, considering that the party stood behind their leader after it was found he wore blackface multiple times, and has continued to accuse others of ‘racism’ and ‘bigotry’ in the wake of their hypocrisy being exposed.

The fact is, the Liberals have mastered the art of saying exactly what the ‘woke consensus’ demands, which thus gives them a seeming free pass on their actual behaviour.

So, in the wake of the horrible act that took place in London, Ontario, the Liberals have been putting the Conservatives on the defensive, and posturing as the party of ‘inclusiveness.’

With the Conservatives surrendering in large part to the Liberal narrative, the Liberals are likely to push forward with a further effort to blame the Conservatives for any and all division in the country, and expand government power over speech to bring in further censorship and centralized control.

Note, when I say the Liberals are going after the Conservatives, I’m not simply talking about the CPC. After all, the Liberals are likely quite happy with the current direction of the CPC, since the party is adhering to the Liberal framing of most issues.

No, what I’m saying is that the Liberals are going after people like you, assuming you are someone who doesn’t favour the absurd and dangerous ‘woke’ ideology being pushed by much of the political class.

The Liberals need an ‘enemy’ to blame, and they have clearly decided that Conservative Canadians are that enemy.

Further, with the CPC running scared, that party is unlikely to mount any kind of spirited defense of their own supporters, further leaving millions of Conservative Canadians out to dry as unhinged and irrational attacks are lobbed your way.

In-your-face hypocrisy

If this was all a big game, it would almost be funny to see the Liberals getting away with it, because the hypocrisy is so obvious and in-your-face that it seems impossible for people to fall for it.

And yet, many have.

Thus, the Liberals are simultaneously posturing – with unfortunate success I might add – as the ‘anti-hate’ party, demonizing their opponents and those who disagree with them, all the while recruiting a deeply divisive MP who left the Greens because the Green Party Leader Annamie Paul wouldn’t make a one-sided denunciation of Israel.

Let me depart here for a moment to say that Annamie Paul deserves credit for choosing to call for both Israel and Hamas to halt hostilities, rather than doing what the far-left demands, which is to pretend that only Israel is to blame.

Political courage is rare in Canada these days, and given her role as leader of a far-left party, Paul showed some courage, and is now unfortunately paying the price as her party splinters.

Jenica Atwin’s one-sided remarks

For reference, here’s the Tweet the Greens made, and then the statement the Green Party had issued while the Israel-Hamas conflict was ongoing:

“The Green Party of Canada calls for an immediate de-escalation in the violence and a return to dialogue as a means to seeking a peaceful solution.

“Violence and confrontation will not bring resolution, only more suffering,” @AnnamiePaul.”

“Responding to the alarming escalation of violent clashes, and associated deaths in Israel and Gaza, the Green Party of Canada calls for an immediate de-escalation in the violence and a return to dialogue as a means to seeking a peaceful solution.

“The dangerous situation that is unfolding is extremely disturbing,” said Green Party Leader Annamie Paul. “Violence and confrontation will not bring resolution, only more suffering. We urge restraint and call on those in positions of authority to do all in their power to prevent further injury or loss of life.”

“The Green Party of Canada is committed to a just and lasting peace in the Middle East. This requires steps to end the violence in favour of engagement in peaceful, inclusive dialogue as the preferred means of resolving the current situation and of achieving sustainable peace.””

That statement wasn’t to the liking of Atwin, who Tweeted this in response:

“It is a totally inadequate statement. Forced Evictions must end! I stand with Palestine and condemn the unthinkable air strikes in Gaza. End Apartheid! #SaveSheikhJarrah”

Atwin’s remarks are quite at odds with how the Liberals claim to be a supporter of the State of Israel, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Former Liberal MP Michael Levitt had this to say:

“As a former Liberal MP I’m disappointed and concerned by the news that MP Jenica Atwin has crossed the floor to join the Liberal caucus, given her inflammatory one-sided and divisive rhetoric during the recent conflict between Israel and the terror group Hamas.”

There are good people in the Liberal Party, and good people who serve as Liberal MPs. And there are people of conscience – like Michael Levitt – who likely sincerely believed the Liberals would be a balanced and reasonable voice on Israel and other issues.

Yet, what is now being made clear is that under Justin Trudeau, any professed values or principles will be abandoned with rapidity, as long as there is political gain to be seized.

This is no surprise really, as we saw Justin Trudeau posture endlessly as a supporter of ‘strong Indigenous Women in politics,’ and then boot out Jody Wilson-Raybould when she wouldn’t do the bidding of his well-connected corporate friends.

So, to see Justin Trudeau and the Liberals embrace Jenica Atwin in an effort to weaken the Green Party and secure more votes – while simply ignoring her divisive and one-sided comments – is par for the course.

Deeping division and hate

What makes this all disgustingly hypocritical of course is that the Liberals are doing this as they pretend to be standing against hate.

According to Statistics Canada, for the most recent year in which statistics exist, there were 296 anti-Semitic hate crime incidents in 2019.

By contrast, there were 181 anti-Muslim hate crime incidents.

Yet, the Liberals feel just fine bringing on a candidate who (by the flawed ‘logic’ the Liberals use to demonize Conservatives) could be seen by some people as being part of ‘contributing to an environment’ that encourages others to be hateful.

Why would the Liberals not be held to that same standard?

Why would the Conservatives be on the defensive when the Liberals are showcasing such rampant hypocrisy?

And why do people put up with this?

Those are all questions we must ask ourselves and those around us, as we watch our ‘leaders’ fall further into the realm of absurd hypocrisy and rampant dishonesty.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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