The ‘Anyone But Trudeau’ Election

Canadians have a chance to bring Trudeau’s divisive, incompetent, and dishonest governance to an end.

What will this federal election be about?


Our rights & freedoms?



The deficit?


All of those things, and more.

But it increasingly seems that the key, defining issue of the election will be Justin Trudeau himself.

In the 2015 campaign, a critical mass of Canadians became fed up with Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

Voters went looking for whomever could beat the CPC, first lining up behind the Tom Mulcair-led NDP, before moving to the Trudeau Liberals.

Now, in 2021, there are early indications something similar may be happening.

Trudeau’s personal popularity has tanked since calling the election, with his cynical & self-serving actions causing a significant backlash among many Canadians.

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, who has long struggled to resonate with Canadians, is seeing a modest bump in his personal ratings, and the CPC is strengthening in the polls.

The NDP looks poised to gain back some of the ground they lost in 2019, with Jagmeet Singh seen by many as someone who actually has a core set of beliefs, in contrast to Justin Trudeau who will say literally anything if he thinks it will gain him some votes.

This is all up in the air of course. Justin Trudeau managed to survive the blackface controversy, and the more he struggles in the polls the more the establishment press will try and boost him up through a ‘Trudeau comeback’ narrative – in large part to protect all the taxpayer bailouts the Liberals have given them.

Still though, it’s clear that the Liberals have a real fight on their hands, rather than the easy win it seems they assumed when they plunged the country into an election.

Anyone But Trudeau

The biggest danger for the Liberals, and the biggest sign of hope for Canadians who want Trudeau out of office, is that this election could become the Anyone But Trudeau election.

When elections become focused on getting one specific leader out of office, their opponents don’t even have to be that strong.

With more and more Canadians seeing Justin Trudeau as dishonest, fake, and hypocritical, Erin O’Toole, Jagmeet Singh, and other federal leaders benefit simply by not being Justin Trudeau.

And, Canadians will put up with more from opposition leaders, since they are willing to take a chance in the hopes of getting the incumbent out of office.

Millions of Canadians clearly feel that there is something uniquely dangerous and divisive about Justin Trudeau, meaning the biggest imperative of this election campaign must be to defeat him.

To that end, the National Citizens Coalition has launched the Anyone But Trudeau campaign:

“Bad behaviour shouldn’t be rewarded.

Canada is now in an election that only Trudeau wanted.

While you’re taking summer holidays, harvesting your crop in a tough year, or trying to get your business back on its feet after repeated lockdowns, Trudeau is making a grab for power, hoping you’re not paying attention, to try and win back his coveted majority government.

But he’s got a big problem. We now have the power — not him. 

And we know his long list of failures…

Doubling the debt.

Broken promises to Indigenous Canadians.

Firing strong women.

Repeated instances of personal misconduct.

The WE charity scandal.

Sky-high inflation.

The SNC Lavalin scandal.

Trying to censor your internet.

And three — THREE — ethics violations.

Don’t let him get away with it. Don’t reward bad behaviour.

This election: vote ANYONE but Trudeau.”

The NCC released the following video ad, which is already spreading fast on social media:

If you click here, you can sign your name to the growing list of Canadians fighting to stop Trudeau.

Ending Trudeau’s hypocrisy

One of the key reasons so many Canadians want Trudeau out of office is his rampant hypocrisy.

It’s always been bad, but in the 2021 campaign his hypocrisy has hit a new level.

For example, consider how Trudeau is deliberately seeking to divide the country on vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations.

Months ago, he said Canada isn’t a country that mandates vaccination.

But, as his political interests changed, he decided to make it a wedge issue, demonizing unvaccinated people for his own selfish political gain.

He ripped the Conservatives for not requiring their candidates to be vaccinated, claiming the party was putting Canadians at risk.

Yet, it turns out that Trudeau was once again being a massive hypocrite:

“@IvisonJ just asked @JustinTrudeau at a vaccine announcement if every #LPC candidate is vaccinated.

Answer: they’re not.


So, Trudeau is attacking the Conservatives for something his party is also doing. It’s that unique Trudeau mix of dishonesty and incompetence, he’s dishonest enough to try and divide the country on the issue while being incompetent enough to do the same thing he’s attacking others for.

Blaming Harper

An article about Trudeau’s hypocrisy wouldn’t be complete without him blaming Stephen Harper, and Trudeau has once again obliged.

When asked about how Canada is abandoning Canadian Citizens in Afghanistan, Trudeau want into a tangent about how mean Stephen Harper supposedly was:

“Question by @glen_mcgregor: What will you do to help Canadian citizens left behind in Kabul?

Trudeau: Stephen Harper dislikes Syrians”

Suffice it to say, if you’ve been in power for 6 years, and you’re blaming your current failures on your predecessor, chances are you are a failed leader.

Rules for you, not for him

And of course, we’ll close this article with another example of Trudeau’s obvious belief that the rules apply to you, but not to him.

As he goes around the country campaigning on fear of Covid, dividing Canadians, and making any alternatives seem too dangerous, he’s breaking Covid regulations at the same time:

“Trudeau asked by @CBCRaffy if he’s breaking provincial health guidelines by cramming this many people into a tight space for a campaign event.

Trudeau completely sidesteps the question… twice. #cdnpoli #Elxn44″

One reporter expressed her concern about the conditions on the Liberal campaign:

“I am fully vaccinated, as are my reporter colleagues. We were all wearing masks. But respectfully, I don’t want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them during a fourth wave as an immune compromised journalist trying to do my job.”

This is quintessential Justin Trudeau:

He wants you to be afraid of Covid, but he sure doesn’t seem afraid of it.

He thinks you should follow the rules, but he and his campaign don’t have to follow the rules.

Simply put, he thinks he’s better than everyone else, and he thinks everyone in this country is dumb enough to keep falling for his BS.

This election is our chance to prove him wrong and decisively end his destructive political career.

This election is our chance to vote Anyone But Trudeau!

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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