As England Abandons Vaccine Passports, Trudeau Doubles-Down On Demonizing & Dividing Canadians

Leaders must end these draconian restrictions, and instead let every individual make decisions based on our own comfort with risk.

It’s rare to see any country move in a less authoritarian direction, but that’s exactly what is happening in the UK.

The UK government has announced that they will be scrapping their planned vaccine passport program:

“We shouldn’t be doing things for the sake of it”

Health Secretary Sajid Javid says a scheme for vaccine passports for entry to nightclubs and large events in England will not be going ahead”

As noted by the Washington Post, there was widespread opposition to the vaccine passport program among political parties:

“In England, the vaccine passport plan encountered fierce opposition from across the political spectrum, with lawmakers in Johnson’s Conservative Party calling it a hindrance to businesses and an infringement on civil liberties. The Liberal Democrats also opposed the measure, as did some venues. Labour leaders raised concerns about the plan and called for a testing component to be added.”

By contrast, here in Canada, there has been very little opposition from the main parties to similar measures.

Only the People’s Party of Canada has taken a strong and consistent stand against vaccine passports.

Justin Trudeau has turned vaccines and vaccine passports into a wedge issue, demonizing unvaccinated Canadians and pushing for vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.

The NDP has pushed for similar measures, though Jagmeet Singh hasn’t demonized unvaccinated Canadians to the same extent as Trudeau.

The Conservatives have opposed vaccine mandates and proposed rapid testing as an alternative to vaccine passports. However, the party is promising a proof-of-vaccination system.

O’Toole also joined Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, Yves-Francois Blanchet, and Annamie Paul in filming a video urging Canadians to get vaccinated ahead of the debate, with all the leaders saying ‘we’re all in this together” (though that’s been proven demonstrably false over the past year and a half):

Trudeau has also continued his campaign to demonize and divide Canadians, ironically doing so after saying people should ‘listen to each other.’

Many provinces have also jumped on board the vaccine passport bandwagon, including provinces ostensibly run by ‘conservatives.’

Those who courageously pushed back against increasingly draconian measures, like Roman Baber in Ontario, have been pushed out.

All of this is to say that here in Canada the political elites are still in the pro-restriction, anti-freedom mindset, with the exception of the PPC and some Conservative MPs who have been silenced and are being kept quiet by their party.

They like to act as if this is ‘inevitable,’ and claim they are following the science.

Yet, this is all a choice.

A political choice.

A choice made by ‘leaders’ who have often proven themselves to be obsessed with power, lacking any sense of creativity or innovation, and too cowardly to push anything other than a fearmongering narrative.

So to see others make a different choice, as England has, is very important, because it can help wake up more and more Canadians to the fact that none of this is inevitable.

Choosing common-sense over demonization

While there is a deeper debate to be had about the very idea of how much power government should have, it is also important to address the character of those wielding power.

To see England decide not to pursue a vaccine passport, and to choose common-sense rather than divide people to gain more power, provides a stark difference compared to Justin Trudeau.

As noted in the video above, Trudeau continues to double-down on demonizing and dividing Canadians.

Just today, he promised to introduce legislation that would make it a criminal offence to block access to buildings that provide healthcare, or to intimidate healthcare workers.

Of course, both of those things are already illegal.

People who block access to a hospital can be charged, and it is already illegal to threaten people.

Trudeau chooses the path of division

The UK government could easily be doing what Trudeau is doing, trying to score political points by dividing society and demonizing people.

The fact that they have chosen not to do so, and have stepped back from such a divisive and draconian policy shows that some leaders in some parts of the world still possess a level of restraint.

Justin Trudeau isn’t one of them however.

And regardless of what he may claim, this isn’t about ‘saving lives,’ or ‘the science,’ it’s about holding on to power.

Trudeau has calculated that his best chance of gaining a majority (or just holding on to the plurality of seats at this point), is dividing the nation between those who support mandatory vaccinations/vaccine passports, and those who do not.

He has labelled anyone who opposes mandates as ‘anti-vaxxers,’ and is now equating any viewpoint different from his as ‘hateful.’

It takes a truly pathological mindset for Trudeau to accuse others of spreading hate and division when that’s exactly what his entire election strategy now rests upon.

“No Evidence”

Capping off this plethora of division and hypocrisy is the fact that the Canadian government itself has no evidence vaccine passports work:

“There are no data proving vaccine passports work, says Dr. Theresa Tam, chief public health officer. Tam told reporters the actual impact on vaccination rates has not been studied by the Public Health Agency of Canada: “That remains to be seen.””

This means the politicians pushing vaccine passports and dividing the nation aren’t doing so based on evidence, they are doing so based on politics, and based on a desire to gain more power at our expense.

All Canadians of good will need to fight back against this, and defeating every Liberal MP we possibly can is the best way to start.

More than any other leader in Canada, Justin Trudeau has shown himself willing to tear apart the nation and demonize our fellow Canadians, and for that reason he and his party must be punished at the polls.

With that in mind, if you are in a riding where the CPC is securely in front, or where the CPC/NDP has no chance of beating a Liberal MP, then a vote for the PPC would send a strong message in support of a party that has taken a strong stand for the freedom of Canadians.

With the example of England, many US States, and other parts of the world that are resisting the fear-narrative and letting free individuals choose their own level of risk, Canadians have a chance to speak out on Election Day and turn the tide against those who have been restricting our rights & freedoms.

Spencer Fernando

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