MP Rachael Thomas Is Right To Push Back Against Demonization Of Unvaccinated Canadians

It’s disturbing how a bit of common-sense is quickly condemned by much of the media & political establishment.

Let’s take a look at a few comments from CPC MP Rachael Thomas:

“Given that new cases of COVID are now more prevalent in those who are fully vaccinated than those who are not, and given the symptoms of the omicron variant are less severe than previous versions, perhaps it’s time to change the dialogue.

How do we live with COVID in a way that protects the most vulnerable and allows Canada to get back to normal?”

And then, this video in which Thomas criticizes vaccine mandates:

“The vaccine mandates are forcing thousands of Canadians to lose their livelihoods, their access to education, their ability to travel, their chance to see loved ones, their health, and ultimately, their voice.

A compassionate response is deserved.”

Nothing Thomas said here is unreasonable.

Given that there are more ‘breakthrough cases’ of the virus even among those who are vaccinated, and given that vaccinated individuals can still spread covid, the idea of restricting access to unvaccinated individuals is more about coercion and demonization than it is about public health.

Additionally, we are already seeing that in much of the country there are new restrictions and lockdowns being imposed upon people who are vaccinated, and upon businesses that were only open to vaccinated individuals. That is a tacit admission by governments that the policy of imposing vaccine mandates and restrictions on unvaccinated people is a failed policy.

The fact that it’s controversial for an MP to say that there should be some realism and compassion in terms of how we treat Citizens within our country only goes to demonstrate how many people have allowed fear to twist their values.

Additionally, given that the latest round of fear, demonization, and restrictions has been based on the Omicron variant, it’s important to note that it does indeed appear milder:

“Omicron appears to be a more mild version of COVID-19 than the Delta variant, a leaked study from the British government shows.

The UK Health Security Agency — the US equivalent to the Centers for Disease Control — found that those who fall ill with Omicron are less likely to become severely sick compared to those who get the Delta variant, according to the data obtained by Politico.

The early real-world data, which is expected to be released before Christmas, found that Omicron is likely to bring on a mild illness with less serious symptoms in most people.”

Given that the overwhelming majority of individuals infected with covid will survive, and given that Omicron appears milder than previous variants, that further invalidates the campaign of fear being pushed by much of the media and political establishment.

Yet, that reality isn’t stopping the media from trying to demonize MP Thomas for her comments.

Global News called the comments by Thomas ‘harmful’ and quoted someone who criticized the remarks:

“Hardcastle added when it comes to supporting public health, messages like Thomas’ can be harmful.

“What tends to happen then is they become a bit of a martyr for those who are anti-vax and adds a fuel to their fire and gives them momentum in terms of perpetuating that anti-vaccine message.””

The Globe & Mail also criticized Thomas:

“An Alberta Conservative MP posted false information about vaccines and their efficacy as she defended people who choose not to be vaccinated and said they’re being “demonized.”

Rachael Thomas, the member of Parliament for Lethbridge, made the comments in a video posted to Facebook on Dec. 16, which is still online. In the post she makes claims that are not backed by readily available information from public-health agencies.

Timothy Caulfield, who researches misinformation on health and science policy and is the Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy at the University of Alberta, said Ms. Thomas’s comments cause “great harm” and use misinformation to try to normalize or justify not getting vaccinated against COVID-19.”

Note how they also use the term ‘harm’.

“The entire video is infuriating to Prof. Caulfield.

”Her messaging is doing great harm and isn’t noble at all. On the contrary, she’s hurting her country,” he said.

“It does harm because I think it invites people not to get vaccinated and we know that misinformation can result in hesitancy.””

Consider how upside-down things are when an MP calling for Canadians to be shown compassion and pushing back against the divisive demonization we’ve been seeing is then attacked by the media for supposedly ‘hurting her country.’


What is increasingly obvious is that unvaccinated Canadians are being used as scapegoats.

The healthcare system has failed, with ICU capacity even worse in many cases than it was before governments spent tens of billions and claimed they would improve it.

Many government bureaucrats seem completely unaware of what to do, defaulting to restrictions and taking away rights over and over again, shredding their credibility.

And politicians – including many ‘conservative’ politicians, have been all too-willing to expand the size and power of the state at the expense of individuals, making a mockery of their supposed values and principles.

For them, and for a media establishment that thrives on division and demonization, it’s far easier to direct anger and outrage towards unvaccinated Canadians than it is acknowledge the failure of our institutions and their disturbing embrace of authoritarian power.

Increased pushback

It does appear that some are starting to wake up to this and see what is really happening.

Despite Erin O’Toole seeking to suppress any real conservatism within the CPC, more MPs are speaking out:

“This is disturbing. Hidden in the Fiscal and Economic Update, the Liberals are planning to maintain vaccine mandates for 3 more years. These supposedly “temporary” mandates are being made permanent by @JustinTrudeau”

“Every Canadian deserves to be treated with dignity, regardless of the medical decisions they make.”

In all fairness, the PPC and Maxime Bernier have been talking about this for sometime, showing far more courage than the other parties.

With that in mind, it is interesting to see more CPC MPs speaking out as well. It shows that a significant portion of the Conservative Caucus is opposed to the statist agenda, but appear to be being held back by Erin O’Toole.

With MP Thomas and the other examples listed above pushing back, it would seem that some CPC MPs are deciding to stand up for their values and their constituents, rather than allow O’Toole to keep watering the party down into nothingness.

CPC MPs need to ignore the establishment media and ignore their own out-of-touch leadership, and stand up for what is right.

Spencer Fernando

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