WATCH: Liberal Government Has Already Broken Their Promise On Mental Health Transfer

Under questioning from MP Mike Lake, it became clear that the Liberal government has failed to live up to their word yet again.

There’s a big difference between announcing something, and accomplishing something.

Yet, we often treat political announcements as if the announcement is enough.

The Liberals are the masters of this, finding new ways to announce and re-announce the same thing over and over again, waiting until public attention moves to something else, and then crafting yet another announcement.

Many have caught on to the pattern by now, though the establishment media and the NDP are exceptions to that growing awareness.

The media often promotes Liberal announcements, without the necessary context of how the Liberals have made similar announcements before, and without discussing how the Liberals have broken their word on issue after issue.

After all, if the Liberals could be trusted then Canada would have a balanced budget, the carbon tax wouldn’t be going up, there wouldn’t be vaccine mandates, there would already be a federal daycare program, a pharmacare program, our military funding would be much higher, 2 billion trees would be planted, and much much more.

The point is that there’s a huge gap between what the Liberals announce, and what they achieve.

Mike Lake exposes another Liberal broken promise

In the 2021 election campaign, the Liberals made yet another promise.

They promised a $4.5 billion mental health transfer, with the first tranche of funding starting to flow in 2021-2022.

Thus, one would expect the latest federal budget to include the funding as promised.

But remember, this is the Trudeau government we’re talking about here.

At a meeting of the House of Commons Health Committee, Conservative MP Mike Lake asked health officials a simple question:

“How much was committed in the 2021-2022 budget for the Mental Health Transfer?”

A near-comedy ensued, with officials going silent and then reluctantly admitting that the amount of funding allocated was ZERO:

“Had the opportunity at Health Committee to ask about the $4.5B Canada Mental Health Transfer promised just months ago in the Liberal election platform, yet not delivered in the recent federal budget. There was a LOT of awkward silence.”

This is yet another Liberal broken promise, and we can add it to the long list.

The Liberal government cannot be trusted

Every government has moments of dishonesty and broken promises.

What matters is whether broken promises are the exception, or the rule.

For example, the Harper government kept most of their big promises.

They cut taxes, balanced the budget after the 2008-2009 financial crisis, and stayed away from contentious social issues.

Those were among the biggest promises made by the Harper government, and they were kept.

Meanwhile, on big issues such as running three ‘small deficits,’ the carbon tax not exceeding $50 a tonne, not using vaccination status as a wedge issue, and now mental health funding, the Liberals have broken their word on issues big and small alike.

And I haven’t even mentioned the Liberals promising to be an open and transparent government and then doing the opposite. No, there’s no need to mention that in this article.

With all this in mind, it is unfortunate yet also unsurprising that the Liberals have broken their promise on the Mental Health Transfer, and it’s long past time for Canadians to realize that the Liberals simply cannot be trusted to keep their word.

Spencer Fernando

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