Among Conservative Supporters, Pierre Poilievre’s Net Approval Rating Is 38 Points Higher Than Charest’s

A massive gap that demonstrates the disconnect between the establishment media narrative and the reality on the ground.

With Pierre Poilievre continuing to stand up for the Conservative principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and sound money, the establishment media is becoming more and more unhinged.

Their attacks on Poilievre demonstrate the lengths the establishment will go to in order to stop someone from implementing policies that benefit regular Canadians rather than the elites.

Part of that attack on Poilievre has been the attempt to set the narrative that he’s somehow unpopular or ‘divisive’ within the Conservative Party, and that pro-establishment figures like Jean Huawei Charest are a better choice.

Yet, the facts completely contradict that narrative.

A recent Abacus poll demonstrates that Poilievre is extremely popular among Conservative supporters, while it’s Jean Charest who is deeply divisive for the party.

According to the poll, 50% of current CPC supporters have a positive impression of Poilievre. 20% have a neutral impression, while just 7% have a negative impression. 22% say they “don’t know.”

Meanwhile, just 26% of current CPC supporters have a positive impression of Jean Charest. 30% have a neutral impression, and 21% have a negative impression of him. 24% say they don’t know.

Candidates like Patrick Brown and Leslyn Lewis both have a net positive impression, but 40% in Brown’s case and 45% in Lewis’ case say they “don’t know” enough to form an opinion. For Roman Baber and Scott Aitchison, 53% and 54% say they “don’t know”.

Net approval gap

What stands out the most is the gap between Poilievre’s numbers and Charest’s numbers, and how deeply divisive Charest is.

Among CPC supporters, Poilievre has a net 43 point approval rating, while Charest has just a net 5% approval rating.

That’s a horrible number for Charest among the supporters of the party he seeks to lead, and it shows that it’s Charest – not Poilievre – who is divisive.

This was a point effectively made by Bryan Breguet on Twitter:

“Another reminder that, contrary to what you might think based on Twitter and pundits, almost no CPC voters dislike Poilievre

Also Poilievre is clearly better electorally as he’s higher among the potential CPC voters. Charest is popular among people who’ll never vote CPC”

“As I’ve said before, it’s fine to dislike Poilievre but I always see the argument that he’s decisive among his party (he isn’t) and that Charest has better chances to win an election. I don’t see how the latter can be true if Charest is distant second among the potential voters.”

Establishment media creates division

Clearly, we are seeing how the establishment media creates division.

They have dishonestly claimed that Poilievre is a divisive figure, while it’s the establishment choice Jean Charest who is divisive among those who will actually vote in the CPC leadership race.

The ideas being promoted by Poilievre of individual freedom, sound money, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and accountable institutions are ideas at the core of conservatism, and that’s why he has such a strong lead in the race so far. The establishment press can spread all the dishonest spin they want, but none of that will change the truth.

Spencer Fernando

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