The Liberals & NDP Claim To Care About Inflation, Yet They Voted AGAINST Removing The GST From Gasoline & Diesel

Liberal-NDP Pact puts ideology ahead of the financial wellbeing of Canadians.

One thing that is essential for Canadians to understand is that the Liberals & NDP have an agenda that is designed to raise prices and make life more expensive.

That is the whole point of policies like the carbon tax.

They want to change your ‘behaviour’ by making travel, food, and energy more and more expensive, so you consume less.

What this means is that the Liberals & NDP WANT higher inflation.

But, they both know they can’t openly admit this.

So, they play a deceptive game.

On the one hand, they talk about their ‘concern’ over inflation, blame ‘greed’ and big corporations, while on the other hand they continue to impose deliberately inflationary policies.

Exposing the game

The way to expose this deceptive game is to force the Liberals & NDP to publicly choose between their inflationary ideology and their claim to be concerned about inflation.

When given the choice, would they actually take a simple step to lower prices, or would they stick to their ideological approach?

Such a moment came up in late March, when the Conservatives introduced a Motion to temporarily cut the price of gas & diesel by 5% – through removal of the GST/HST/QST.

The motion failed:

The Liberals & NDP both voted against it.

What this demonstrates is that they will do nothing to make life more affordable.

Instead, they want to keep driving prices higher and higher, while avoiding scrutiny and accountability for the damage their policies are doing to Canadians.

Liberals & NDP can’t have it both ways

It is essential for Canadians to be aware of this.

If Canadians fully realize that the Liberals & NDP want to make their lives less and less affordable, people will understandably choose an alternative – an alternative that promotes lower taxes and less government.

The Liberals & NDP know this, which is why they are trying to have it both ways.

For this reason, we need to do everything we can to get the truth out there to more and more Canadians.

We see prices skyrocketing. As the price to fill up at the pump continues to go up and up and up, Canadians need to realize that this is largely because of deliberate policy decisions made by the Liberals & NDP.

The Liberal-NDP Pact isn’t on the side of Canadians

When a political party – or two parties in the case of the Liberal-NDP arrangement – put their ideology ahead of helping Canadians, those parties lose the ability to credibly claim they are on the side of the Canadian People.

By voting against cutting taxes on gasoline & diesel, and by continuing to support the carbon tax, the Liberals & NDP are making it clear they plan to keep driving up the cost of living and robbing you of your hard-earned money.

Spencer Fernando


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