Deliberate Misinterpretation Of Poilievre’s Legislation Is Latest Unhinged Attack On CPC Frontrunner

As the attacks get more and more irrational, many of Poilievre’s biggest opponents continue to discredit themselves.

Last week, I wrote about how Pierre Poilievre had introduced legislation to end Trudeau’s covid-19 vaccine mandates and travel bans.

The fact that the legislation focuses only on covid-19 related vaccine mandates is made clear to anyone who spends even a tiny bit of time looking at the text of the legislation:

The official summary of the bill – as detailed on the official Parliament website – can be viewed below:

“This enactment amends the Financial Administration Act to provide that the Treasury Board may not require as a condition of employment in the federal public administration that a person receive a vaccine against COVID-19. It also amends the Canada Labour Code to provide that regulations may not be made that require, as a term or condition of employment in or in connection with the operation of a federal work, undertaking or business, that a person receive a vaccine against COVID-19.

In addition, the enactment amends the Aeronautics Act, the Railway Safety Act and the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 to provide that no regulation, order or other instrument made under any of those Acts to prevent the introduction or spread of COVID-19 may prohibit or have the effect of prohibiting a person from boarding an aircraft, a train or a vessel solely on the ground that they have not received a vaccine against that disease.”

Amazingly however, a quick look at social media – including posts by some prominent Canadian journalists – shows people purposely interpretating Poilievre’s proposed legislation.

Some did so in the most unhinged possible terms, acting as if Bill C-278 was a blanket ban on all vaccination.

Again, all they needed to do was spend just 1 minute looking at the text of the legislation, but apparently that’s asking too much.

Indeed, as highly-respected columnist Rupa Subramanya noted, it’s either deliberate distortion or stupidity for people to claim Poilievre’s legislation is about all vaccination, rather than focused on Covid-19 vaccine mandates:

Discrediting themselves

The irrational freak-out over Poilievre’s proposed legislation to end Covid-19 vaccine mandates and travel bans is similar to the attempts to demonize him as a racist or extremist.

Since the evidence doesn’t fit the attack, many of Poilievre’s critics have simply decided to live in their own reality, acting as if saying words makes reality match.

In doing so, they discredit themselves, and further feed into the notion that the failed political establishment is so afraid of accountability that they will say and do anything to stop the Canadian People from taking back control over our own lives and futures.

Clearly, many Canadians have rejected the irrational fearmongering, since the Poilievre campaign sold an historic amount of memberships (over 300,000), demonstrating that Canadians are determined not to let the corrupt establishment set the narrative.

Spencer Fernando

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