Canadians Financial Stress Surges As Liberals Promise To Deliberately Inflict More Economic Pain On The Country

The Canadian People must realize that the Liberals are actively trying to take away their money and make our nation poorer.

The financial stress of Canadians is surging amid out-of-control inflation.

Here are some of the key findings of the 2022 FP Canada Financial Stress Index:

The 2022 FP Canada™ Financial Stress Index reveals that for the fifth time, Canadians say money is their biggest source of stress (38%) – nearly twice as much as personal health, work or relationships.

More than two-thirds (68%) of Canadians say rising grocery prices are having a direct impact on their finance-related stress; more than half say the same about soaring gas prices (56%) and the impact of inflation on the cost of goods and services (55%).

One in three (35%) say financial stress is leading to anxiety, depression or mental health challenges; two in five (39%) report they feel less hopeful about their financial future now than they did a year ago.

Gas prices and the rising costs of goods & services are the biggest areas of concern:

“Rising gas prices (56%), inflation’s impact on the cost of goods and services (55%), climbing house prices (25%), interest rates (25%) and rental costs (23%) are also significantly affecting stress levels.”

Liberals promise to inflict deliberate economic pain

As I’ve been saying for some time, it is essential for Canadians to realize that the Liberals are purposely inflicting economic pain on Canadians.

Many people believe that the government wants to help them, and the Liberals have fed into that belief by pretending to care about inflation.

However, the reality is that the Liberals want higher inflation, they want life to be less and less affordable, and they want to take your money away from you and your family in order to keep Canadians desperate and struggling.

This truth has been further confirmed by the remarks of Liberal MP Ryan Turnbull, as noted by Blacklock’s Reporter:

Achieving climate goals will be difficult and painful, a Liberal MP said yesterday. MP Ryan Turnbull (Whitby, Ont.) said all Canadians are “going to have to switch our lifestyles” to meet emissions targets: “That is going to be painful.”

The Liberals are choosing to impose their ‘climate goals,’ which means that they are deliberately inflicting economic pain on the nation.

They want YOU to feel the pain, while they will continue to live their privileged lives and be completely exempt from the damage they do to the rest of us.

“Remember, when he says this:

“We are going to have to switch our lifestyles and that is going to be painful” — Liberal MP Ryan Turnbull

He means YOUR lifestyles. Not theirs.

(via Blacklocks reporters)”

The Liberals continue to show their contempt for the Canadian People, and Canadians must wake up and realize that as long as the Liberals remain in power, they will continue to inflict economic pain on the people of this country.

The only way to stop the Trudeau government from inflicting more pain is by defeating the Liberals and replacing them with leaders who will scrap the carbon tax, cut taxes and reduce the size and role of government.

Spencer Fernando


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