Patrick Brown Is Already Hedging His Bets

Saying he won’t run if Poilievre wins is another demonstration of how divisive the Brown campaign has been, and he seems ready to jump back into the Brampton Mayor’s race at a moment’s notice.

As he loses endorsements and watches his campaigns membership numbers be dwarfed by Pierre Poilievre, Patrick Brown appears to already be hedging his bets on the CPC leadership race.

Brown has stated that he wouldn’t run for the CPC in the next election if Pierre Poilievre is the leader of the party.

Unsurprisingly, Brown revealed this to the CBC first:

“CPC leadership candidate Patrick Brown says if Pierre Poilievre wins, he would consider staying in his current job as Brampton mayor. But he says he has ‘no plans’ to file nomination papers by the Aug. 19 municipal deadline. Conservative leadership results will be known Sept. 10.”

Already preparing to lose?

Brown’s announcement that he wouldn’t run for the CPC if Poilievre wins indicates a significant lack of confidence in the Brown campaign itself.

As you saw in the clip above, Brown refuses to say that he won’t run for Mayor of Brampton again.

It seems as if he’s already preparing to lose or drop out, and instead go back to Brampton and run in the Mayoral election there.

It also shows how Brown’s campaign has been so divisive.

With Pierre Poilievre by far the most popular candidate among Canadian Conservatives, Brown has spent almost his entire campaign demonizing Poilievre using Trudeau-style unhinged attacks. Those attacks on Poilievre are also – by extension – an attack on Poilievre’s supporters and Canadian Conservatives overall.

In effect, Brown is doing Justin Trudeau’s dirty work, while preparing to simply abandon the race if it seems he won’t win it.

And it gets even worse.

According to a new report, Patrick Brown is being backed by Beijing-allied (AKA Chinese Communist Party allied) groups:

“The mayor gave a lengthy speech last month at an event partly organized by the Confederation of Toronto Chinese Canadian Organizations (CTCCO), a reliable ally of Beijing for years on issues ranging from Tibet to Hong Kong’s widely condemned National Security Law.

The same forum was co-sponsored by Conservative Senator Victor Oh, who has repeatedly appeared at Chinese embassy and consulate functions and was censured for one of a number of expense-paid trips to China. Brown recently called Oh “a statue of resilience and determination” and “like family to me.””

Pro-Beijing groups are also going after Pierre Poilievre and attacking former CPC MP Kenny Chiu, who has spoke out strongly against the Chinese Communist Party:

“A recent post that Mandarin-fluent Burton found on WeChat, the popular China-based social media site, seemed to tie all those issues back to the leadership election.

The post urged people to vote for Brown and said Poilievre — front-runner in the contest — is an anti-Chinese racist who would make Chiu his foreign minister if he became prime minister.

Brown’s work with people and groups sympathetic to Beijing “indicates at best that he is ignorant about the infiltration and controlling of thoughts and speech that the Chinese Communists have in Canada,” Chiu said in an interview.”

Patrick Brown’s campaign seems designed to do maximum damage to the Conservative Party of Canada, and to destroy Pierre Poilievre’s image, while making life easy for Justin Trudeau.

The question for those who still support Patrick Brown is this:

If Justin Trudeau and pro-Beijing groups are both happy about what your candidate is doing, how can you not see how bad that is for our country?

Spencer Fernando


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