WATCH: Trudeau Says “Progressives” Are “Thoughtful People,” & Protests Are “To Get Rid Of A Particular Right-Wing”

Justin Trudeau increasingly uses the divisive rhetoric deployed by dictators throughout history.

A newly surfaced video shows Justin Trudeau making a rare honest admission.

Unfortunately, his honesty reveals a highly disturbing viewpoint from someone who is leading a country.

In the video, Trudeau praises progressives as “thoughtful people who have a lot of things going in their life, who don’t live and die by politics,” and then says they “aren’t going out and marching in the streets…”

And then, it gets really disturbing.

Trudeau implies that marches/protests are only about “getting rid of a particular right-wing.”

This sums up Trudeau’s worldview perfectly, and demonstrates why he and the Liberal government used lies to impose the authoritarian Emergencies Act.

Trudeau simply doesn’t believe that Conservative protests are legitimate.

To him, protests are only legitimate when the protesters agree with his worldview.

He also clearly only sees progressives as thoughtful, and sees Conservative Canadians as his enemy.

Trudeau thinks like a dictator

This is where we must be clear-spoken and honest:

Justin Trudeau thinks like a dictator.

Dictators are well-known for identifying themselves with the nation, seeing themselves and the country they lead as one and the same.

By contrast, leaders who value freedom and democracy see themselves as temporary stewards of a position of immense influence, knowing that the nation has seen many leaders and will see many more in the future.

True leaders recognize that their own political interests and the best interests of the nation are not the same thing, and that each Citizen of the country has inherent worth and value, and that worth and value isn’t based on how closely they align with those who are currently in power.

As you look at those two perspectives, you can see that Trudeau clearly exemplifies the former.

He sees Canada and himself as inseparable.

He views his political opponents as enemies.

He views protests against him as illegitimate. 

And, as we have all seen, he’s willing to use the ruthless application of state power to silence and punish those who oppose him all based upon endless lies.

At this point, it’s no surprise that even some Liberal MPs are reportedly more and more opposed to Trudeau’s continued imposition of vindictive mandates and travel bans.

Those MPs who still believe in democracy and those who still have a conscience must be increasingly disturbed to realize that by serving Trudeau, they are serving a dictatorial personality in the halls of power.

The fact is, unless you are a far-left progressive, Justin Trudeau hates you.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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