The Trudeau Liberals Will Never Stop Trying To Take Away Your Freedom

On all fronts, the Liberals are trying to expand their power at your expense.

One thing you can say about the Trudeau Liberals is that they’re consistent.

Unfortunately, that consistency is manifest in their relentless assault on our rights and freedoms.

As we are witnessing, the Liberals are attacking freedom on all fronts.

They are unwilling to let go of the power that pandemic fear gave them, and are moving the goalposts yet again, saying Canadians will “never be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.”

“We will never be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.”

Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos says Canadians need to be “up-to-date” on their vaccines, which he describes as getting the Covid vaccine every nine months.”

The Liberals want to keep Canadians in a state of fear, so they can keep expanding their power.

And yet, that’s just one of many ways the Liberals are assaulting our rights and freedoms.

Look at the treatment of Tamara Lich.

What’s happening to her in court at the hands of the Liberal government is a disgrace:

“”When the police can catch a violation of bail conditions for Tamara Lich…and move with perfect swiftness, and are still nowhere, months later, on an “organized violent attack” on an oil and gas site in BC — does something seem out of proportion…within our justice system?””

“Not allowed to take a screenshot because of the prohibition on photography in court (even Zoom court), but Tamara Lich was handcuffed as jail guards returned her to her seat for her bail hearing.”

“Tamara Lich is having her second bail hearing today for the charge of “mischief” while the guy who cut off someone’s head and ate his eyeballs on a greyhound bus was given an unconditional discharge and a new identity and walks among us. This is all about Trudeau’s hurt feelings.”

“I can’t get over this Tamara Lich bail hearing. Even if you detest her/her cause/her views, you should detest this idea of her “Facebook picture” or “speech adjacent to a guy” breach or spending 9 days in jail for it.

If this isn’t using the criminal justice system for _____…”

“I can’t get over what the “breach” is for Tamara Lich. I’m angry just watching this hearing. I should be watching this kind of hearing from the Russian or North Korean “justice” system.

How hardworking Cdn tax dollars are being spent to pay the Crown/police to do this is sick”

The Trudeau Liberals are using Canada’s justice system the same way authoritarian states use their ‘justice’ systems: To prosecute political opponents and send a message to those who oppose the party currently in power.

Add to this the fact that our financial freedom is being stolen away from us through government-induced inflation, and our ability to freely travel and leave the country is being restricted by the chaos at airports and passport offices, and it is clear that the Trudeau Liberals are determined to take away our freedoms every chance they get.

The Liberal government hates you

If you are a Canadian who supports freedom, believes government power should be limited, and respects the history and tradition of Canada, the Liberals hate you.

They hate you, and they hate what you stand for.

And they are willing to corrupt and destroy every institution in this country so they can mold it into a tool to be used to take away our rights.

This is the disturbing reality that we all must face, and that’s why it is more essential than ever before that we have the courage to speak out against the Liberal government, and ensure they are defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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