Canada Needs More Journalists Like Rupa Subramanya

The establishment media has abandoned their role as antagonists to the centralized state. But the spirit of true journalism lives on.

There was once a time when the establishment press was widely respected.

After all, you don’t become “the establishment” without having proven your worth at some point.

However, that time has long since passed.

Now, rather than hold the government accountable, much of the establishment media now serves the government.

This has been caused by two key factors:

The increasing number of radical activists who infiltrated newsrooms.

The federal government giving money to media organizations, thus co-opting them.

As those factors continue to escalate, trust in the media continues to decline.

No matter what name a media organization hides behind, and no matter how much they claim that nothing has changed, a growing number of Canadians can see that the media isn’t what it once was.

However, just because the establishment media isn’t filling the demand for true journalism doesn’t mean that demand has gone away.

Increasingly, independent media is where Canadians are going to find real journalism, and opinion critiques of the government. Canadians can sense that truth must be found among those who are not financially dependent on the government.

One example of a true journalist in Canada is Rupa Subramanya.

Subramanya has experienced a rapid rise in the popular consciousness, largely due to her exceptional reporting during the Freedom Convoy.

While the establishment media was lobbing unhinged insults at the Convoy, Subramanya was on the ground actually speaking with Convoy participants. Her reporting was an essential part of ensuring the true story of the Convoy was told, rather than the story Justin Trudeau and the establishment media wanted people to hear.

Most recently, Subramanya had a massive story in which she reported on court documents showing the Trudeau Liberals lacked a scientific rationale for their vaccine mandates:

“Recently released court documents reveal that the Trudeau government’s travel vaccine mandate was driven by politics and not science.Days before it kicked in,senior officials were scrambling to find a rationale. My latest for @bariweiss and it’s a big one.”

Unsurprisingly, Subramanya has been under attack since breaking the story.

Subramanya has been attacked by the far-left as a spreader of “Russian disinformation,” with a University of Calgary professor making the claim which was then spread and repeated by many Liberals:

Others made even worse completely false claims, calling Subramanya a ‘terrorist’ and ‘seditionist’.

As Alex Brown of the National Citizens Coalition noted, these attacks are how the “communist types” try to take people down:

“The branding of an Indian-Canadian journalist as a “domestic terrorist,” for the crime of *checks notes* holding a duplicitous state to account, is just so on brand for obedient, hit-list-making communist types, that the pages of history should be laughing at us from the shelves.”

Some people are criticizing Subramanya for past comments in support of vaccines mandates. This is completely counterproductive. Subramanya’s opinion changed as the facts changed, which is true of many people in this country. And as the facts changed, Subramanya became one of the best truth-tellers and chroniclers of the convoy in the country.

Expecting someone to get everything right at the beginning isn’t reasonable. What matters is whether people find their way to the truth, and advocate for it strongly when they find it. The same is true for myself, as I initially supported the heavy-handed, fear-based approach to covid, before my view changed as I saw the increasing authoritarianism of governments across the country and across the world.

Canada needs more journalists like Rupa Subramanya

The fact is, Subramanya wouldn’t be under such relentless attack if her reporting hadn’t scared the Liberals.

They are desperate to distract from the undeniable facts Subramanya supported: The Liberal government lied to this country and imposed vaccine travel mandates based on politics, not on science. They took away the rights of millions of Canadians to try and win votes, which is an appalling disgrace. 

That is where the focus should be. Anything else is falling for the distractions the Liberals are attempting to create.

The fact is, Canada needs more journalists like Rupa Subramanya, and the battle for the truth requires all freedom-loving Canadians to remain unified.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube