Poilievre Says He Will End Foreign Oil Imports Within Five Years Of Becoming PM

Canada must no longer be dependent on ‘dictator’ oil says CPC leadership race frontrunner.

With many Western countries witnessing the serious consequences of being reliant upon oil from dictatorships, CPC frontrunner Pierre Poilievre says Canada would end all foreign oil imports within five years of him becoming Prime Minister.

In a video, Poilievre said he would accomplish this in three ways.

First, by scrapping Bill C-69, dubbed the “No Pipelines Bill” by many.

Second, by approving permits for the Port of Churchill.

And third, by supporting Newfoundland’s goal of doubling their current energy production.

You can watch Poilievre’s remarks below:

Reclaiming the moral high-ground

Poilievre continues to demonstrate effective communication and framing of the issues Canada is facing.

The Liberals & NDP like to claim the moral high-ground, acting as if their opposition to Canadian energy is some sort of enlightened position.

And yet, the practical, real-world result of their opposition to Canadian energy is the enrichment and empowerment of countries that don’t share Canada’s core value of freedom, and the impoverishment both of our own citizens and of our increasingly desperate allies.

Notice how Trudeau and Singh simply don’t talk about the fact that less Canadian energy production means more profit for foreign countries.

They would rather nobody think about that.

But not thinking about it doesn’t make reality go away.

Canada can either produce more of our own energy to be a wealthier and more secure nation, or we can become increasingly dependent on foreign countries, an approach that is proving to be disastrous worldwide.

By talking about the fact that more Canadian energy means less dictatorship energy, Poilievre is effectively seizing the moral high-ground, and that message has the potential put Trudeau and Singh on the defensive for their complicity in supporting dictator oil over Canadian oil.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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