BREAKING: Pierre Poilievre Wins Conservative Party Leadership Race

Despite the corrupt establishment doing everything to try and stop him, Poilievre has prevailed with a whopping 68% of the points.

Pierre Poilievre is the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Poilievre achieved a dominating victory, far outpacing all other rivals.

Poilievre won a whopping 68% of the points, a massive first-ballot win.

Here are the results:

CPC Leadership Race Results

It was a crushing defeat for Jean Charest, who had been relentlessly boosted by the political and media establishment.

Throughout the interminably long campaign, that same establishment had attempted to destroy Poilievre’s candidacy, with the Liberals, establishment press, and Charest campaign all pushing the same dishonest and unhinged narratives in an attempt to turn the Canadian People against Poilievre.

They failed.

Instead, Canadian Conservatives spoke in a loud and clear voice, joining the CPC in droves to support Poilievre’s candidacy and voting for him in record numbers for a leadership race.

This is a historic rejection of the corrupt establishment, and demonstrates that a rapidly-growing number of Canadians are ready to stand up and fight for the future of our nation.

Of course, the angry and divisive establishment won’t give up on their attempt to stay in power, and we can expect them to further escalate their attacks against Poilievre and against all Canadians who value freedom. Thus, we will need to be prepared to fight even harder as the battle for the future of Canada enters a more ruthless phase.

Spencer Fernando

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