Canadian Military In Crisis As “Non-Essential” Activities Halted Amid Personnel Shortages

Our nation has allowed our national defence to wither away, dishonouring all those who fought for our freedom and putting our future at serious risk.

There are a few basic things a national government must do.

Among them – and the most important – is to ensure the country has at least an adequate national defence.

If a government is unable to do that, they really have zero right to talk about anything else.

If our nation isn’t protected, if our national defence is allowed to wither away, then the federal government has thus failed in their most profound duty.

Without the ability to defend our country, nothing else really matters.

It is the sign of a weak and unserious country for the military to be allowed to fall apart, as is now the case in Canada.

And no, this isn’t hyperbole.

After years – decades really – of underfunding, after years of a government that hates Canadian history and hates Western Civilization, and after years of the military only being in the news for sex scandals among the top brass, events have reached their culminating point.

The head of the Canadian military has ordered a halt to all “non-essential” activities, making a desperate call for a focus on recruitment amid massive shortfalls:

“Chief of the defence staff Gen. Wayne Eyre has ordered an immediate halt to all non-essential activities in favour of boosting military recruitment and retention, as the Canadian Armed Forces faces an unprecedented personnel crisis.

Eyre issued the sweeping order to senior commanders across the country on Thursday, saying dramatic action is needed to ensure the military has the troops to respond to growing demands and threats at home and abroad.

“I am concerned that as the threats to the world’s security situation increase, as threats at home increase, our readiness is going down,” Eyre told a parliamentary committee after issuing his order.

“I’m very, very worried about our numbers. And that’s why we’re putting as a priority effort — the priority effort — the reconstitution of our military.”

Given how circumspect and ‘restrained’ military officials tend to be in their public statements, Eyre’s statements are stunning.

Calling for the “reconstitution of our military” speaks to how bad things have become.

Clearly, there is panic among those who comprehend the truly dire situation facing our Armed Forces.

This should be the biggest story in Canada

The Canadian military is in crisis, with about one out of every 10 positions unfilled. And keep in mind, that’s only among positions that are expected to be filled, meaning the Armed Forces has fallen short of even their own incredibly modest recruitment goals.

At a time of war and global instability, when it is essential that we be able to both defend ourselves and contribute to our alliances – not to mention prepare for the unthinkable – the crisis facing our military should be the biggest story in the country.

Canadians should be unified in outrage against the political class who allowed our military to fall into such disrepair, and should be calling for our leaders to immediately begin rectifying the situation – which will require – among other things – a push to promote the virtues of Canadian history and Western Civilization – rather than the demoralizing guilt-ridden ‘education’ we see being pushed currently.

But the crisis in our Armed Forces isn’t the biggest story today in the minds of the media and the public.

Instead, the state-run establishment press is focusing on a ‘hidden hashtag’ controversy.

In a way, this is fitting and truly describes what Canada has become:

A country led by those unable to get the basics right, unable to defend our country, while focusing on BS ‘scandals’ as the world tips further towards chaos and disorder.

At this rate, Canada is set to learn brutal historical lessons the hard way.

Spencer Fernando


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