Testimony By OPP Intelligence Officer Demolishes Liberal Narrative On The Emergencies Act & Freedom Convoy

The facts continue to show the Trudeau government was hyping up a false threat to try and justify their abuse of power.

In recent testimony at the Emergencies Act Inquiry, OPP Intelligence Bureau head Pat Morris calmly explained the facts, and those facts directly contradicted the narrative about the Freedom Convoy that had been pushed by the Trudeau government and much of the media.

Here are some key examples:

First, Morris notes that he was never made aware of information that the Freedom Convoy was a national security threat:

“ICYMI: OPP Supt. Pat Morris says that at no point during the convoy protests was he aware of intelligence that suggested the demonstrations posed a national security threat.”

In an email, Morris also pushed back against the narrative that the convoy was ‘extremist’:


Morris was also concerned with public figures making statements about the Convoy that didn’t match up with the facts:

“Were politicians and the media responsible for a certain amount of disinformation and misinformation with respect to these protests?

Morris: I was concerned by comments made publicly by public figures and in the media that I believed were not premised in fact.”

There was also no evidence convoy participants were armed:

“ICYMI: “We produced no intelligence to indicate that these individuals would be armed”: OPP Superintendent Pat Morris on the Freedom Convoy.”

One by one, Morris has knocked down the main narratives that were used to ‘justify’ the use of the Emergencies Act by the Trudeau government.

He has also aptly demonstrated that the establishment media was glad to run with ill-informed and overhyped narratives.

What’s notable about this is that Morris is clearly not pushing any political agenda.

Rather, it is the absence of the agenda and his focus only on the facts that makes his remarks so interesting.

We continue to see that the on-the-ground reality of the Freedom Convoy was all about regular Canadians protesting against government overreach, and the government responded to this be demonizing their fellow Citizens and overreaching even further.

The more the Inquiry continues, the worse the decision to use the Emergencies Act looks.

Spencer Fernando

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