In Stunning Turn Of Events, Criminals Don’t Seem To Be Complying With Liberal Handgun Ban

It’s almost as if lawbreakers don’t go along with rules designed to restrict legal gun owners…

The Liberals love to use government power to punish Canadians who don’t support them.

The entire focus of Liberal ‘gun policy’ is to focus negative public attention on law-abiding gun owners in Conservative areas of the country, while doing nothing about gang-related gun crime in urban areas.

So, the handgun ban implemented today by the Liberals is all about pushing a political agenda, rather than actually making Canadians safer.

And now, it turns out that the criminals aren’t complying with it.

Already tonight, there have been two shootings in Toronto:

Ellesmere Rd + Dolly Varden Blvd
– Gunshots heard in the area
– Police are on scene
– Evidence of gunfire located
– Vehicle located with bullet holes
– No reported injuries
– Anyone w/info contact police


– Victims injury is non life-threatening
– Occurred at Markham Rd + Eglinton Av East
– Police are on scene and have located evidence of gunfire
– Eglinton is closed from Kingston Rd to Markham Rd

– Anyone w/info contact police

As Jack LeDrew noted on Twitter, this has been a recurring theme in Toronto:

“Kids have been shot in parks and at Birthday parties in Toronto. This handgun freeze will do nothing to stop the gang violence in Toronto. I think if this minister is serious, he should offer to resign in 6 months if the gun violence doesn’t decrease.”

In fact, the more the Liberals have imposed their soft-on-crime policies, the more dangerous and violent Canada has become.

Focusing government resources on going after law-abiding Canadians may win votes, but it doesn’t do anything to actually address crime.

For reasons of politics and political correctness, the Liberals simply refuse to crackdown on gang violence, and they continue to – along with the soft-on-crime Supreme Court of Canada – push for pathetically weak sentences for vicious criminals.

In Canada, we increasingly see that the innocent are criminalized while criminals are treated as if they are innocent, and with that kind of backwards thinking in place we can only expect crime to get worse and worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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