Jagmeet Singh Supported Draconian Mandates, Restrictions, And Carbon Tax Hikes. Now He’s Pretending To Support Canadian Workers

Instead of a consistent defence of the rights of Canadians, Singh is being highly contradictory.

While provincial premiers and the Trudeau government were imposing various lockdowns and vaccine mandates that destroyed tens of thousands of Canadian businesses and cost many Canadians their jobs – not to mention restricting their rights – Jagmeet Singh was silent.

Actually, that’s wrong.

He wasn’t silent.

He was supportive of those measures.

Along with Justin Trudeau, he was glad to support restrictions that were among the strictest in the free world.

And when Justin Trudeau further expanded his power by invoking the Emergencies Act against protesters, Jagmeet Singh supported that as well – tossing the NDP’s pro-civil-liberties reputation into the trash.

But now, with the Ford government in Ontario using the notwithstanding clause to prevent education support workers from striking, Singh is posturing as a defender of Canadian workers:

“Premier Ford and his Conservative government have launched a direct attack — not only on education workers in Ontario — but on the constitutional rights of workers across the country.

The federal government must act and protect workers and their rights.”

Only some workers, right?

It seems Jagmeet Singh only supporters some workers, and his position is based upon politics, not principle.

Education support workers are seen as pro-NDP constituency.

So Singh supports them.

By contrast, the countless small business owners and workers who were wrecked by lockdowns and mandates weren’t see as being as reliably pro-NDP as Singh would have liked, so their rights weren’t a concern to him.

And this isn’t the only way in which the NDP has abandoned workers.

Singh has been notably silent about the rampant money printing by the Bank of Canada, a policy that is disproportionately robbing working class Canadians of their hard-earned money.

Instead of addressing the real causes of so much of the economic pain in Canada – which would include admitting his own mistake in supporting reckless spending and inflationary carbon tax hikes – Singh has tried putting all the blame on grocery story chains.

Singh offers faux solutions & ignorant left-wing populism rather than addressing the root causes of Canada’s increasingly moribund economic situation.

So, while Singh can talk all he wants about supporting Canadian workers, the facts say otherwise.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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