WATCH: Pierre Poilievre Delivers Speech At The Empire Club Of Canada

The Conservative Party Leader provided a detailed analysis of Canada’s current economic and monetary policies, and outlined an alternative path for the country.

In a substantially-detailed and wide-ranging speech, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre addressed the Empire Club of Canada and outlined an alternative path for Canada to follow going forward.

“Government cannot give you anything without first taking it away,” said Poilievre, in what was surely the underlying theme of his remarks.

Poilievre discussed the surge in the money supply, noting that almost 30% of all Canadian Dollars in existence were created within the past two years, while the economy only grew 2.7% in that time span, demonstrating once again that a country cannot print its way to prosperity.

That was just one of many facts Poilievre discussed in his remarks, as his speech was one of the most substantial we have seen in a long-time from a Canadian federal leader.

Also notable is that Poilievre wasn’t afraid to point out that the policies of the Bank of Canada/Trudeau government have benefitted many of the ‘elite,’ at the expense of working and middle class Canadians, even joking that there were probably some “have yachts” among the Empire Club audience. Still, Poilievre’s remarks were largely well-received, demonstrating that Canadians of all income levels and social stations can see the need to unleash the productive power of our economy.

The contrast between Poilievre and Justin Trudeau is stark.

Trudeau continues to double-down on inflationary policies, and is betting on public ignorance, hoping Canadians will be happy to get back a fraction of the money Trudeau has taken away.

Meanwhile, Poilievre is betting that the Canadian public is ready and willing to understand the fundamental reality that government’s and central banks cannot create actual production or actual wealth out of thin air, and that everything – one way or another – must be paid for.

I encourage you to watch and share Poilievre’s speech, because our country needs more of this kind of substantive, fact-based discourse:

Spencer Fernando

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