Preview Of Exclusive Political Analysis Newsletter: October 31st – November 6th

Key issues discussed include Greta Thunberg’s embrace of communism, the growing counterbalancing coalition against China, partisanship & authoritarianism, and Canada-US interest rate hike divergence.

In the latest issue of my Exclusive Political Analysis Newsletter, I write in detail about the following issues:

1) Green on the outside, red on the inside: Greta Thunberg embraces Communism.

2) The era of the counterbalancing coalition.

3) Partisanship & Authoritarianism

4) The impact of a divergence in Canada-US interest rate hikes.

You can read an extended excerpt below:

“Despite the tremendous innovation, wealth, and expansion of freedom that capitalism has brought to the world, it still has many critics who think all the previous failed attempts at imposing a communist utopia ‘wasn’t real communism.’

They want to give communism ‘one more chance,’ and they see environmentalism as the way to do that by stealth.

So, it is quite important that Thunberg is now stating this out in the open.

In many ways, it is a good thing, because it at least makes the debate more honest and more clear.

There are now two very different visions for the future of our world as it relates to the environment.

One, which is held by those who are more realistic and rational is that capitalism is already leading to innovations that reduce emissions. This is the fact-based view, as emissions in many rich Western countries have been falling significantly on a per-capita basis for some time. It is clear that once countries reach a certain stage of development, they are able to continue generating productivity growth while also keeping emissions down.

Notably, this has held true in countries like the United States that didn’t impose carbon taxes. US emissions have declined more than Canadian emissions on a per capita basis, due in large part to the significant pace of innovation and technological growth in the United States.

The other vision for the future of our world is held by Thunberg and other radicals.

The idea is that ‘growth’ must stop, wealth must be transferred from the West to the East, our standard of living must take a massive hit, and governments must be given war-time power over all aspects of our lives.

Of course, since countries like China and Russia would never sign on to this, the practical effect would be for the democratic West to collapse economically – and militarily since military power is built upon a foundation of economic power – while authoritarian states in the East rise to dominance.

It’s no coincidence that such a scenario would most benefit China, led by the Communist Party.”

**End of preview**

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