In Further Blow To Crumbling Liberal Narrative, Documents Show CSIS Said Freedom Convoy Was NOT A Threat To Canada’s National Security

As we’ve continually seen, the more time goes on, the worse the decision to invoke the Emergencies Act looks.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the more time goes on the worse the decision by the Liberals to invoke the Emergencies Act looks.

Today’s document release at the Emergencies Act Inquiry is no exception.

At the Inquiry, it was revealed that CSIS said the Freedom Convoy did not meet the legal definition of a threat to the national security of Canada:

“The Emergencies Act relies on the CSIS Act to define security threats.

Former deputy public safety minister Rob Stewart confirms CSIS advised cabinet “there did not exist a threat to the security of Canada” as defined by the CSIS Act.”

So, the Trudeau cabinet knew this, yet still cited national security threats as part of their ‘justification’ for invoking the Act.

And – in further evidence that Trudeau and his cronies were always acting in bad faith – Marco Mendicino slammed a government Deputy Minister who was trying to initiate some talks between the government and the Convoy.

Think about that.

At a time when the country needed more unity, and when true leaders would reach out to those who had a different perspective, the Liberals were attacking people who ‘dared’ to propose some sort of discussion.

What this demonstrates is that the Liberals wanted to keep provoking things.

They wanted things to get worse, they wanted more anger, more rage, more division.

And, they were willing to use lies in order to create a narrative that allowed them to use authoritarian state power.

But as more and more truth is revealed, that narrative is crumbling.

We have to keep this in mind going forward.

It’s not just about the Emergencies Act.

It’s about everything the Liberals are doing to restrict freedom, to divide Canadians, to weaken our economy, and how they are allowing foreign countries like China to try and weaken our democracy.

Every foundation of this country is under threat from the Trudeau Liberals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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