POLL: Overwhelming Majority Of Canadians Want To Freeze Carbon Tax On Gas, Diesel, And Home Heating

Apparently the Canadian People don’t share Chrystia Freeland’s belief that the carbon tax is “helpful”.

With prices continuing to rise at a rapid pace and Canadians falling further behind, is the carbon tax helping, or hurting?

We know what Chrystia Freeland thinks:

“Chrystia Freeland: I personally live (in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Canada) directly on the subway, next to bike lanes where you can walk or bike to everything. That is how a lot of Toronto families live and I believe the price on carbon pollution is helpful”

As I wrote yesterday, Freeland and the Liberals are completely out of touch with what Canadians are going through:

“The Conservatives should really hope that Chrystia Freeland and the Liberals keep saying these types of things, because the Liberals will lose if they are associated with the kind of arrogant, elitist, and out-of-touch thinking that Freeland ‘exemplifies’ in her remarks.”

And now, a new survey shows an overwhelming number of Canadians want the carbon tax to be frozen on gas, diesel, and home heating fuel.

According to a Leger poll, 77% of Canadians want the carbon tax frozen on those items.

51% strongly agree with the idea of a freeze, while 27% somewhat agree. (Leger lists this combined number as 77% rather than 78%, perhaps due to more precise internal rounding of the numbers).

Meanwhile, just 9% somewhat disagree and 5% strongly disagree.

A majority of Canadians in all provinces want a freeze, as do all age groups.

Even Liberal supporters oppose the current Liberal policy of hiking the carbon tax (it goes up every year).

72% of Liberals want a freeze, 91% of Conservatives want a freeze, 73% of NDP supporters want a freeze, 66% of Bloc supporters want a freeze, 73% of Green supporters want a freeze, and 96% of PPC supporters want a freeze.

In fact, there was not one demographic or political group that didn’t want a freeze.

What this shows is that Canadians are being absolutely slammed by rising prices, and are well-aware that the carbon tax is making things worse.

By continuing to raise the carbon tax, the Liberals are hurting Canadians financially, and are ignoring the overwhelming sentiment of a nation desperate for some relief amid this cost-of-living crisis.

Spencer Fernando

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