WATCH: Poilievre Slams Liberals For Increasing Carbon Tax On Struggling Canadians

As surveys show Canadians want relief from the carbon tax, the Liberal government is refusing to listen.

Whenever a recession or economic slowdown deepens, we hear about something called ‘automatic stabilizers.’

It refers to the idea that when economic activity contracts, tax revenue tends to decline due to many people earning less, and due to fewer purchases being made. Many of the purchases that are made in downturns tend to be of cheaper products, which further reduces tax revenue.

At the same time, government support to Citizens automatically goes up as more people fall into an income category that makes financial support available.

This is built into how the system functions, and can somewhat ease – though not fully alleviate – difficult economic times.

And of course, it means higher budget deficits and more government debt, which comes with its own consequences.

But what happens when a government continues to both raise taxes and flood the economy with printed money, at the same time as the central bank is raising interest rates?

Well, whatever you call it, that’s what Canadians are feeling now.

On the one hand, the government can claim the economy is ‘bigger,’ as large-scale immigration increases (which are usually curtailed during economic slowdowns but are instead being accelerated by the Liberals), and a flood of borrowed/printed money increases the raw size of the economy in dollar terms.

On the other hand, Canadians are getting poorer every month, with inflation surpassing wage growth and per capita income lagging behind.

Food bank usage is hitting record highs, bankruptcies are are surging, and all the on-the-ground indicators show that Canadians are struggling big-time.

But amid all of this, the Liberals keep on weakening the value of our money, and keep raising taxes.

The carbon tax is the worst culprit of all, since it is inflationary in three key ways.

First off, it is deliberately designed to drive up prices.

Second, it is a disincentive to produce, meaning more money is chasing fewer goods.

And third, since it is a disincentive to produce, it drives investment into things like housing, further making life less and less affordable and deepening the vulnerability of our economy.

And so, you would think that continuing to raise the carbon tax every year would be the last thing anyone would want to do in a worsening economy and amid a cost-of-living crisis.

But that’s exactly what the Liberals are doing.

It has become one of the key dividing lines in Canadian politics today: Those who oppose the carbon tax, and those who support taking more and more money out of the pockets of the Canadian People.

That clash of increasingly incompatible worldviews once again took place in Question Period, with CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre slamming the Liberals for their continued carbon tax hikes, and Liberal Deputy PM/Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland falsely accusing the Conservatives of planning to attack social programs.

You can watch the exchange below:

“Canadians are worried about keeping the heat on, will the government cancel the tax so they can do so?”

Conservative leader @PierrePoilievre grills Finance Minster Chrystia Freeland over increases in the carbon tax raising home heating prices.”

Spencer Fernando

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