WATCH: Pierre Poilievre Shreds “Desperate” Trudeau After PM Calls Canadians Racists

Lagging in the polls and with the nation increasingly fractured, Justin Trudeau (who wore racist blackface multiple times) is reduced to peddling divisive race-based politics.

Not content to divide Canadians by region, economic status, vaccination status, and political views, Justin Trudeau is now seeking to add racial division to the list of ways he seeks to split our already increasingly-fractured country.

In an interview with the Liberal Toronto Star, Trudeau accused his opponents of being racist, saying this about Pierre Poilievre:

“What is he actually proposing? He’s saying everything’s broken. He’s playing and preying on the kinds of anger and anxieties about some Canada that used to be — where men were men and white men ruled.”

This is disgusting.

With inflation robbing Canadians of their purchasing power, debt skyrocketing, social services crumbling, and an entire generation being priced out of the housing market, Trudeau expects us to believe everything is just great and only racists could be opposed to him?

It’s absolutely pathetic.

And in a new video, Pierre Poilievre rightfully shredded Trudeau for his divisive race politics:

This is a well-done video by Poilievre, as he both explains why Trudeau’s racist actions make him such a hypocrite on the issue, and pivots towards a more positive message at the end.

Something that has been entirely lost on many who discuss Poilievre (or perhaps intentionally ignored since they depend on government subsidies), is that Poilievre has actually been sharing a positive vision for the country.

Every opposition leader must explain what is going wrong, but Poilievre also offers substantive ideas to address those problems.

The subsidized media and the Liberal-NDP Pact Socialists may disagree with his ideas, but nobody can credibly claim he isn’t proposing a real alternative.

With Trudeau doubling-down and tripling down on further dividing and fracturing our nation, the more positive message being shared by Poilievre is a key reason he and the CPC currently lead in the polls, and that is surely a key factor in why Trudeau is so desperate and angry.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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