Liberal MP Claims Wanting Investigation Of China’s Interference Is “Trump-Type” Tactic

The Liberals must be desperate if they’re already bringing up Trump.

You can always tell when the Liberals are in trouble, because they resort using their most desperate attacks.

Some combo of ‘racist,’ ‘sexist,’ ‘bigoted,’ ‘American-style,’ is usually employed to try and demonize whomever is discussing something they aren’t comfortable with.

And lately, the Liberals are adding ‘Trump-type’ to the mix.

In a House of Commons committee meeting – conducted virtually – Liberal MP Jennifer O’Connell claimed the Conservatives were using “Trump-type tactics” in demanding a more serious investigation into China’s interference in Canada’s democracy.

““This is the same Trump-type tactics to question election results.”

Liberal MP Jennifer O’Connell criticizes the Conservatives for having concerns of election interference following a Globe report outlining CSIS documents revealing a PRC strategy to influence Canada’s elections.”

The funny thing is you can see O’Connell almost start laughing as she launches into the talking point, demonstrating that she likely doesn’t believe what she’s saying.

Throwing out the “Trump-type” attack is the kind of line that would be thought up by a desperate communications team trying to spin a serious scandal.

And this is indeed serious, despite the hilariously bad Liberal attempt to link the CPC to Trump.

Ironically, given that Trump faced years of being accused of benefitting from foreign election interference by an authoritarian state, it’s actually the Liberals who are in a “Trump-type” situation.

What are the Liberals afraid of?

Canadians now have every reason to doubt whether or not the federal Liberal government is committed to defending Canada’s national security.

Indeed, it seems that CSIS is trying to protect Canadians, while Trudeau is trying to benefit from China’s interference.

The desperation and incoherence of the Liberal attacks against the Conservatives in response to this scandal shows they have no real answer.

It would be easy for the Liberals to assuage the concerns of Canadians by bringing in a foreign agent registry, of the kind that our allies in the US and Australia – among other countries – already have.

But instead, the Liberals are focused on attacking the Opposition and going after CSIS whistleblowers, leaving Canada virtually undefended from dangerous influence operations.

Spencer Fernando

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