As Another Natural Gas Project Fails To Go Ahead, Poilievre Pledges To Repeal Trudeau’s “Anti-Energy Laws”

A proposal to expand an LNG facility in Eastern Canada was recently scrapped by Spanish firm Repsol SA.

As reported yesterday, Spanish firm Repsol SA has abandoned plans to expand an LNG facility in Eastern Canada:

“In the latest sign of the opportunity our nation squandered, Spanish firm Repsol SA has announced that they are abandoning the idea of expanding their facility in Saint John, New Brunswick. The expansion would have been aimed at increasing Canadian LNG exports to Europe. In a statement a spokesperson for Saint John LNG – a company owned by Repsol SA – said it would have been “uneconomical”:”

In response, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre noted that of the 18 potential natural gas projects that could have gone forward when Justin Trudeau took office, zero of them have gone ahead. To fix this, Poilievre said he would “scrap Trudeau’s anti-energy laws,” among other ideas:

“18 natural gas projects on the books when Trudeau took office. 0 completed today.

An LNG import terminal in Saint John that could have been an export terminal is now shelved.

Fix it:
– Scrap Trudeau’s anti-energy laws
– Make more 🇨🇦 energy
– Bring home paycheques for our people”

It remains of the highest importance that Canadians connect the dots between anti-energy sector policies and our ongoing cost-of-living crisis. Other countries are making the most of opportunities that could have been ours, depriving our nation of billions of dollars that could have made a real difference in enriching the lives of our fellow citizens.

Spencer Fernando