Inquiry. Now.

There’s no excuse left for avoiding a public inquiry.

Poll after poll – from polling companies across the country – show the Canadian People are demanding a public inquiry into China’s election interference. The latest survey from Leger shows 72% calling for an inquiry, compared to just 12% who oppose it. That 60 point gap demonstrates how massively out of step the Prime Minister is with public opinion.

And in their attempts to focus attention somewhere – anywhere – else, some Liberals appear to becoming increasingly desperate and somewhat unhinged. As you can see in this recent Tweet from former top Trudeau advisor Gerald Butts, the Liberals are making less and less sense in their defensive efforts.

“How big of a desperate bigot do you have to be to associate and stereotype a whole culture, a whole group of Canadians, to a Party’s corruption and funding by a foreign government because of their ethnicity. But Liberals invoking race for personal needs or shits & giggles is nothing new.”

If this is what Trudeau and his defenders are reduced to, it only makes the case for an inquiry even stronger. Add to that one of the whistleblowers speaking out in the Globe & Mail, and any excuses for avoiding an inquiry are gone. We must remember that the ‘Special Rapporteur’ is itself a distraction, a role created to slow things down and buy-time. Trudeau can – at any moment – call an inquiry. The more he resists doing so, and the more unhinged and detached from reality Liberal claims become, the more it is obvious that real truth and real accountability can only come from a fully independent investigation into China’s attempts to subvert our institutions.

Spencer Fernando


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