Bloc MP Says “Violating Freedom Of Expression” Is “Worth It” To Protect “Quebec Content”

Reprehensible comments from an MP in support of Bill C-11.

In remarks supporting Bill C-11, a Quebec MP from the Bloc Quebecois has confirmed that she is fine violating your rights in order to protect “Quebec content” online/;

“This both deeply troubling and explains a lot when it comes to Bill C-11. This from Bloc MP

”if violating freedom of expression means ensuring that Quebec content is well represented online then that’s worth it””

“A remarkably honest endorsement of Bill C-11 from a Bloc MP.

“If violating freedom of expression means ensuring that Quebec content is well represented online then that’s worth it.”

These people hold your rights in contempt.”

This is exactly what opponents of Bill C-11 like myself and many others have been warning about. The legislation is promoted as being about ‘promoting Canadian content’ (the Liberals talk about ‘Quebec content’ in Quebec of course), but it’s really about restricting your rights and centralizing government control over the internet so the state (people appointed by Trudeau and his cronies) decide what you can and can’t consume online.

At least Bloc MP Andreanne Larouche was honest about it, admitting that she’s fine restricting your rights to impose her own political desires.

And that’s what this is really all about.

Truly successful artists and creators compete in the free market and succeed or fail based on their merit and the reaction of market participants. Having to subsidize artists means picking and choosing what kind of art the state supports. Now, that’s not ideal, but on it’s own it’s not a huge problem. The problem arises when governments go beyond helping some artists and instead try to control the entire reaction and behaviour of the market, which can only be done through a widespread abuse of state power.

The sad irony here is that many Canadian content creators – including many from Quebec – are doing quite well without subsidies. They went out into the market, shared their content, and built huge audiences. They didn’t need the state intervening to control algorithims or silencing speech in order to succeed, they succeeded on their own merits. And many of thsoe creators have warned that things will be much worse if Bill C-11 passes.

But Trudeau and those other MPs who back Bill C-11 don’t care about any of that. What they really care about is control, about restricting what you want and restricting what you can do so they can impose what they want. It’s yet another way – add it to the list – our rights and freedoms are being put under assault in this country.

Spencer Fernando

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