Toronto Mayoral Candidate Mark Saunders Rips Federal “Catch And Release Policies”

The former Toronto Police Chief is calling out the federal government as violent crime surges.

In the wake of a horrific stabbing in which the suspect was out on release despite facing many charges, former Toronto Police Chief & current mayoral candidate Mark Saunders is calling out the federal government.

In an official statement, Saunders ripped the feds for putting people at risk through “catch and release” policies:

“Sunday’s senseless murder of 16-year old Gabriel Magalhaes is a horrific tragedy. It’s beyond words.

My heart breaks for Gabriel’s family and friends and I offer my deepest sympathy for their loss.

This is the fourth random murder over the past year. More needs to be done to immediately make Toronto’s transit safe for kids, commuters, TTC staff- everyone. 

For too long, the federal government’s catch and release policies have put repeat violent criminals back on the street, only for them to recommit offences.

I have raised this concern since 2019 and will continue to, because it is the right thing to do.

No one should have to look over their shoulder in fear or wait in fear for a loved one to return home.”

Saunders is 100% right.

The federal government is putting innocent law-abiding Canadians at risk by letting dangerous criminals back out onto the streets.

Political correctness and misguided ‘compassionate’ policies have completely failed, and innocent people are paying the price.

Canadians have to wake up and say “enough is enough” and demand that we start locking up dangerous people – whether in newly constructed mental institutions or in prisons – so we can keep law-abiding people safe in our communities.

Spencer Fernando


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