Brutal Survey Results Shows Trudeau Remains Out Of Step With Public Opinion On China Interference

The Liberals’ continued refusal to hold a public inquiry – even ignoring a majority of MPs – looks more and more suspicious.

If the Trudeau Liberals were hoping that their combination of bluster, threats, deception, and feigned concern would cause public opinion to swing their way when it comes to China’s foreign election interference, a new survey will dispel their hopes.

A recent poll by Innovative Research asked Canadians multiple question regarding the China foreign interference scandal, and the results make grim reading for the Liberals.

To start with, 48% of Canadians agree that “The Prime Minister has been aware of China’s election interference for some time but chose not to take action because his party benefited from that interference”

Just 15% disagree with the statement. 22% describe themselves as neutral, while 16% say they are unsure.

These are brutal numbers for the Liberals, because it means nearly half the country thinks Trudeau was fine with a hostile foreign power interfering in our democracy so he could benefit from it. That is the kind of perception that eats away at the unity and stability of a country.

Another question found 51% agree that “How Trudeau handled the issue are signs of deeper problems with him/Liberal Gov’t.

28% say “This doesn’t reflect how Trudeau/Liberals will operate in the future.”

22% say they are unsure.

This shows a majority of the country believing there is an even deeper issue here, beyond Trudeau and his party benefitting from the interference.

Again, those are brutal numbers for the government.

Trudeau is also struggling to convince Canadians that he is taking action on China’s interference.

Just 20% approve of his handling of the issue, compared to 43% who disapprove. 23% describe themselves as neutral, and 14% say they are unsure.

The only glimmer of ‘hope’ for the Liberals in the poll was a plurality of Canadians agreeing that “The impact of China’s election interference is insignificant and focusing on it only assists foreign entities seeking to destabilize Canadian politics”.

That’s a line increasingly employed by the Liberals, and the survey shows 34% agree, compared to 29% who disagree. 22% are neutral, and 15% are unsure. Yet, even the wording of that question is a bit odd, given that it also refers to destabilizing Canadian politics. It’s a bad sign for the Liberals that the best question in the survey for them was the most confusing, and still generated just 34% support.

The overall problem for the Liberals here is that Canadians clearly see that something is wrong here, and are unwilling to overlook it. Trudeau has tried to blame ‘racism,’ has claimed news reports are false, has claimed the Opposition is exaggerating, and yet that rhetoric has fallen flat.

Canadians are watching and can see that Trudeau seems desperate to avoid the issue and protect his own political standing rather than protect the country. His avoidance of an inquiry, and his appointment of a family friend as ‘special rapporteur’ to buy time and delay things only makes this all look more suspicious.

We need to keep speaking out about this issue and keep pressuring the government. In order to save Canada’s beleaguered democracy we must ensure the Liberals don’t get away with their cover-up.

Spencer Fernando


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