INCOMPETENCE: The Liberals Have Increased Public Service Spending By $21 BILLION, And Now You Can’t Even Get A Passport


Spend more. Get less.

To say that wouldn’t be an appealing advertisement for a product or service would be a significant understatment.

Nobody would take that deal, and a company that offered it would quickly go out of business.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what we are getting from the public service under the Trudeau Liberal government. And unlike the private sector where we can seek out alternative services/products, there is only one public sector and only one federal government, leaving us with no choice at all.

Incompetence at a grand scale

It’s difficult to overstate the truly immense incompetence of the Liberal government.

They have increased public sector spending by a whopping $21 billion. Overall, federal spending is up $151 billion compared to 2015. The public sector is 31% bigger than in 2015.

And yet, it’s all worse than before.

Now, we can’t even get passports:

“Canadians are being urged not to apply for a new passport or renew an old one as the major federal workers’ strike — which shows no sign of ending — severely disrupts services across the country.

“My best advice to Canadians is not to make that application right now because it just simply won’t be processed,” said Karina Gould, minister of families, children and social development.

“So if you dropped it off and then needed those primary documents, they wouldn’t be able to give them back to you until after the job action is complete,” she told Eric Sorensen on The West Block Sunday.

Gould said even though Canadians can mail their applications and drop them off at a Service Canada location or a passport office, essential workers are not allowed to open and process them except for very narrow emergency circumstances.”

Imagine spending $21 billion more on something only for it to not even function at all.

It boggles the mind. And it’s enraging, because that money was taken away from hardworking productive Canadians who are already being squeezed by the horrendous economic policies of the Liberals.

Socialist thinking leads to failure

We are in the grips of a socialist federal government that sees government spending and state power as the solution to every problem.

They take more and more of our money, impose more and more regulations on productive workers and businesses, and bloat the federal government to an unprecedented scale, only for that bloated government to cease functioning amid a strike.

And their answer to every new issue caused by the excessive size of government is to keep making the government even bigger.

It has to be said that this kind of socialist government expansion is completely incompatible with freedom. The bigger the government gets, the more it takes, the more it spends, the less freedom we are left with.

Canadians are already experiencing this as their economic prospects are constrained, and as their ability to build a life and own property is curtailed by eco-extremist policies and inflation.

We must reject socialist thinking, regain our respect for capitalism and renew our understanding of the need for real productivity, otherwise we will continue to watch our money be taken away from us spent on a government that wastes it a monumental scale.

Spencer Fernando


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