WATCH: Conservatives Rip Trudeau’s Extreme Woke Agenda

The Liberals are becoming more and more extreme the more desperate they get.

In my latest column for the National Citizens Coalition, I explained why we must confront and defeat the radical agenda of politicians like Justin Trudeau & Jagmeet Singh:

“Canada has everything we need to succeed and achieve untold levels of prosperity. All we need to do is reject the ideology of envy, dependency, and division and replace it with a mindset that values individual freedom, that sees the heroic potential in human beings, that sees people as able to overcome challenges and become stronger, to elevate the best among us rather than pandering to the worst, to judge people by their actions rather than their tribal identities, and to trust that Canadians can achieve great things if the government stops shackling our ambition and opportunities.”

Note: You can read the full column here.

Conservatives slam Trudeau’s extreme woke agenda

In a new video, the Conservatives are making it clear that they won’t by shy in confronting Trudeau and fighting against ‘wokeness.’

The video outlines a litany of examples of the examples of extreme woke ideology, including the destruction of statues of Canadian historical figures, schools cancelling Mother’s Day, churches being burned down, a teacher wearing massive prosthetic breasts in a classroom, the horrendous new passport, and even Trudeau telling someone to say “peoplekind” instead of “mankind”.

The video then finishes with Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre ripping into the woke agenda of dividing everyone by identity groups and using government to control those groups, and then an exhortation to “stand up for Canadian freedom.”

Fighting back

Pierre Poilievre has continued to show that he will fight back against Trudeau’s worldview, rather than adopting much of that worldview with a few minor tweaks like Erin O’Toole did.

The problem with the previous approach of trying to be just a bit more right-wing than the Liberals is that the Liberals are moving radically to the left. If you’re a bit to the right of a neo-communist party, you’re still going to end up being a big government socialist.

So, instead of accepting the Liberal framing of issues, Poilievre pushes back and promotes a much different worldview, a worldview where government returns to serving Canadians rather than ruling over Canadians. It’s also a worldview where individual freedom and fiscal responsibility are put ahead of the extreme collectivism and fiscal irresponsibility pushed by Trudeau.

With the Conservatives moving in a more principled direction under Poilievre, Canadian democracy has been made all the stronger, because now we have a real choice.

Spencer Fernando

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